Weed This Valentines Day Up With Marijuana And Flowers

February 9, 2017
Weed This Valentines Day Up With Marijuana And Flowers


It is a special year not only to roosters as per the Chinese calendar, but also lovebirds in the vicinity of Los Angeles. Valentine’s is taking the internet by storm and has roused the proverbial angels of Los Angeles from their deep slumber.

Weed This Valentines Day

They now rub at their bleary eyes and listen with keen interest. Listen with care, for Lowell Herbs and co. has just announced the most revolutionary Valentines’ day product of this century: the 1 Ounce Cannabis Bouquet. No need to spend endless hours in fruitless deliberation between boring chocolates, flowers as gifts on Valentine’s Day anymore.


Whichever gender your significant other belongs to, it could be the most significant gift to show that you understand what their needs are and strive to fulfill them. It couldn’t hurt if s/he is a stoner, and add that to the fact that marijuana has already been identified by researchers as the least harmful next thing. This could be your wild card. The one thing to set this Valentines’ day a thousand miles away from the crowded frenzy of every other day and make it a time worthy of being remembered your whole life.

The bouquet comprises of full stems of organic Marijuana that are dried and ready to be smoked. Each bouquet costs 400 US dollars and contains one ounce worth of marijuana. If the price seems a little too high we are pleased to tell you that it is perhaps worth it. This is if you take into account the professional hand at farming, presentation and the high quality.


This is not the typical “stoner gifts”, bought and smuggled in stuffy envelopes in the dark of the night. Nay, it belongs to a different breed altogether. Elegant and beautiful, it is a fully fledged Valentines’ day gift that is sure to win your lover’s heart. Wildflowers, Eucalyptus and other aromatics have been mixed with the stems which gives it a lovely and exotic smell. The marijuana itself is the Purple Princess, a balanced indica/sativa hybrid which in no way is a heavy hitter, and thus all the more suited to the occasion- dark, subtle and eclectic. It definitely is not “just Weed”.


Speaking of quality, Lowell Herb co. prides itself on its long tradition and heritage. Found by Bill Lowell, the father of cannabis farming in California, it has been in the playing field since 1909. This is back even before the 1913 Poison Act was passed. It knows its business better than anybody else. It pledges to grow clean, quality marijuana through creating a responsible farming environment and in keeping with its motto “Natura Arte Aucta”. Its four pledges are:


1) To use only organic fertilizers to grow its flowers.
2) Never to use synthetic pesticides.
3) To provide the farmers with good, livable wages.
4) To use only natural materials from seed to sale.

With such a provider you can always be assured of the organicity and the quality of the products. Possible buyers are supposed to place their orders by emails at [email protected] If you are going to buy, we highly suggest that you hurry, as they are only selling up to a limited volume of 500 and given the amount of interest this is receiving, you might just have to stand in queue with mythical gods come to buy it. The bouquets are deliverable to all locations of Los Angeles and would be sold to anyone with a legal prescription. You can check their website for more info.

These are some places where Lowell's products are sold.

• Perennial Holistic Wellness Center 11705 Ventura Blvd.

• Los Angeles, CA 91604.

• MedMen Weho 8208 Santa Monica BIV d.

• West Hollywood, CA 90046.

• Grace 12320 PiCO BIWCd.

• Los Angeles, CA 90064.

Marijuana has got a rich history. The Chinese lovingly called their country “the Land of Mulberries and Hemp’. Recipes of Marijuana in India were called Ganja and Charas. It was renowned even in the Middle east for its potency. It was the favorite pastime of people in the civilizations of yore in Nile Valley and the Middle-east. It was the go to drug for medicinal purposes and to induce euphoria in war, performances among other things. Organic Marijuana gives you increased potency, aromatic qualities and richer nutritional values than conventionally grown cannabis.

Here are some other certified Lowell products:

1) Lowell Smokes: Contains ten premium 0.6 gram joints of all organic flower that test between 22-25% THC. 

2) Lowell Flower: 11b, 1/4 lb and 118 lb packs of organic Lowell flower available at dispensaries.

Lowell Farms also offers other cannabis goodies at various prices including chocolates, which we think are appropriate for the setting. Then there is always the option of getting creative with some raw materials, er, Weed, and the unlimited culinary knowledge of Monsieur Internet at your beck and call, or going to the local dispensary to get some edible versions of the stuff.

Make sure you buy only Organic stuff from good places and chill responsibly. By helping your partner get high it becomes your responsibility to keep your feet planted firmly in the ground and help them stand upright when they can’t. That is the nurturing side of love.


Weed beats chocolate, and could be the perfect combination to your already sketched out celebration plans. Whatever you decide on, focus only on the happy things, and banish the million other uncertainties and worries from your head. Send your ego on exile and extradite your lost happiness from forgotten countries. It doesn’t require rocket science. Make your one love happy, and watch Newton’s third law in its glorious evidence. Love is one thing that doesn’t come with banners, price tags, scientific definitions, and areas of application. Be prepared to do what it takes and stand against whatever comes against your love. The most important thing is that you get to be who you want to be this Valentine’s Day, with each other by your sides. No need to color your dreams, they are already colorful enough when you can look at them with a clear eye. Above all, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day and a love that already keeps you smiling and those butterflies in your stomach in perpetual employ.


Have you ever tried anything similar, anything crazy, wonderfully creative, or refreshingly unlikely in valentines’ day? Let us know below.



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