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Weed Replaces Antibiotics As Chicken Farmers In Thailand’s Lampang Go Organic

An agricultural community in Lampang, Thailand, has started feeding cannabis to its chickens, claiming that the quality of the meat and eggs has improved.

The experiment was carried out in collaboration with Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Agriculture, according to Ms. Sirin Chaemthet, president of the Peth Lanna community enterprise.

She added that farmers turned to marijuana after their brood was diagnosed with avian bronchitis despite being given antibiotics.

The fowl had stronger immunity to sickness and could tolerate adverse weather after consuming cannabis.

She added the community enterprise eventually decided to stop using antibiotics and solely feed its hens’ cannabis.

Ms. Sirin went on to say that the company has been selling chicken meat and eggs on its website for 100 baht (S$4) per kilo and 6 baht per egg, respectively.

She claimed that chicken rice prepared from cannabis-fed hens has been well accepted and that the company expects to sell roast chicken in the future. Ms. Sirin went on to say that these items satisfy the needs of consumers looking for healthy, organic food.

Meanwhile, Prapat Panyachatrak, president of the National Farmers Council, has cautioned that antibiotics in chicken meat and eggs harm customers’ health, causing decreased immunity and allergies. He went on to say that, in addition to assuring consumer safety, feeding cannabis to hens helps improve the commercial worth of chicken goods.

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