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Weed Nails

Weed Nails – The Hot Beauty Trend!

Fashion is an ever-changing universe – we are forever seeking the “new”, the one thing that will make us stand out from the crowd and be extraordinary.

Within its many iterations, fashion comprises endless subcultures – and of course, the cannabis community has long been represented. Although admittedly, for many years stoner “fashion” amounted to not much more than a pretty lame range of Jamaica-themed t-shirts and questionable cannabis-leaf leggings – now, that reality is changing.

#Weed Nails

Swisher Sweets Weed Nails

The hashtag #weednails has steadily increased in popularity on Instagram and Facebook over recent months. Reportedly originating on the West Coast of the USA, the trend has quickly gone global. Now, “canna-manis” are being proudly displayed on social media from countries all across the world.

Painting one’s nails with cannabis leaf images may not be the most original idea in the look-book – in fact, it has been around for years. But this new trend is a little different – now, nail artistes seeking a more sophisticated look are using dried, crunched-up cannabis leaves along with lashings of glitter and metallic pigments, all embedded in an acrylic and gel manicure! The results have to be seen to be believed…

True Stories from Canna-Mani Specialists

Kristina, a nail technician from Studio S Salon in Orange, California did her first weed manicure just a couple of months ago. The client, who expressly wanted a cannabis manicure, brought her weed and tore little pieces from it. Kristina then placed the pieces of cannabis on the nails, on top of some gold glitter, and sealed them with two layers of acrylic varnish. She reports that she is now receiving a lot of requests for cannabis manicures, and will probably experiment with different designs in the future.

Evon from Levon Nail Spa in Kent, Washington did her first cannabis manicure as a present to a favorite client on her 30th birthday. This client shared the same birthday as Bob Marley and wanted something connecting her with the famous singer. After Evon told her of her plan, she immediately loved the idea.

Nicole, the owner of Deadly Nails in Melbourne, Australia likes to challenge people’s perception of beauty. For this reason, she adopted the marijuana trend and is getting a lot of requests.

Potential Legal Issues of Cannabis Manicures

Weed Nail Art

Since this nail technique is using real cannabis particles, nail technicians may need to perform these manicures discreetly –  otherwise, depending on local laws, problems with the authorities could result.

Even in legal states, regulatory difficulties can present challenges. For example, Evon reported that she was unable to charge for the service as she has to pay federal tax on the cannabis itself. She made sure to seek and receive legal advice to confirm that she was able to conduct the manicures free of charge without legal risk.

Nicole has another problem. Since Australia has not yet legalized cannabis, Nicole must exercise extreme caution and only perform cannabis manicures for clients she trusts, so as not to risk her business.

Marijuana nails

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