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This Weed-Loving Couple Gave Their Kids the Best Names Ever

Let’s face it – we all love weed. And we’ve all done some crazy stuff to prove how much we love our green best friend. 

No matter what you’re best weed-love story is (please tell us in the comments) you’re not going to top this stoner couple from the US.

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In late 2018, Fred Lee from Baltimore, Maryland, wrote on Twitter that his brother named his first-born daughter SaTiva. 

At the time, Fred’s happy post celebrating the birth of his niece garnered around 4,000 likes and a few hundred excited responses.

This week, he updated his followers with the happy news that his brother was celebrating the birth of his second daughter. “And before you ask, yes, her name is exactly what you think it is,” Lee wrote responding to his own post from 2018.

As you may have guessed, the newborn’s name is Indica. Her full name is Indica Akili Jean Quin-Groce.

“[Victor] was the source behind the names,” Fred told Unilad. “He said that his love for marijuana, and the fact that the words themselves ‘sound good’ led to him naming his first daughter SaTiva in 2018, and subsequently his 2nd daughter (born 7 Feb 2020) Indica.”

Fred’s family seems to be blessed by the weed gods. He also revealed that one of his nephews was born on 4/20.

Fred is easily one of the proudest uncles ever and is super excited about all the love his nieces are getting from the internet. He also revealed that his brother said if they had a boy, they’d name him Junior.

The Twitterverse immediately came up with a bunch of much better ideas that would go with the already ongoing theme. Some of the suggestions included ‘Hybrid,’ ‘Kush,’ ‘Code Red,’ and ‘Baja Blast.’

Whatever you think of the girls’ names, they’re off to an awesome start to life. With a loving uncle like Fred, they’ll definitely be fine.

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