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Aggressive NYPD Arrest Over Suspected Joint Causes Outrage

A video showing NYPD officers violently arresting a black man, Fitzroy Gayle, suspected of smoking marijuana has sparked an outcry.

Police Ignored Questions, Used Excessive Force

The video shows a plainclothes officer forcefully holding Gayle against a wall while ignoring his repeated questions about his supposed crime, escalating to a violent arrest.

NYC Officials Express Concern Over Arrest

Mayor Bill de Blasio & NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea expressed concerns about using force in policing following the incident.

Charges Amidst Decriminalization of Cannabis in NY

Despite New York’s recent decriminalization of cannabis, Gayle faces charges of possession, resisting arrest, and obstructing governmental administration, all while denying having any marijuana at the time.

Bystander Footage Reveals Controversial Incident

Footage shared by Velvet, a New York-based comedian, on Twitter showcased Gayle’s contentious arrest. It has received more than 11 million views, igniting a significant public response.

Accused Denies Resisting Arrest or Running

In an interview, Gayle disputed the claim that he resisted arrest or tried to evade the police, emphasizing his non-aggressive approach during the encounter.

Lawyer Calls for Justice, Citing ‘Stop and Frisk’ Resurgence

Sanford Rubenstein, lawyer for Gayle, has criticized the violent arrest as a resurgence of the controversial ‘stop and frisk’ policy in New York, demanding accountability from the officers involved.

Decriminalization of Cannabis and Policing Practice

Rebecca Kavanagh, a criminal defense attorney, argued that the aggressive arrest was an excessive use of force, especially considering New York’s recent move to downgrade unlawful cannabis possession to a mere fine.

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