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Understanding Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

Cannabis sativa seed oil is a complicated product. In fact, depending on the combination of words, it could refer to a complex series of products. It is also true that many brands purposefully rely on this complicated terminology to deceive their customers.

Just because you have experience with cannabis doesn’t mean you’ve also experienced cannabis seed oil. By changing one word here and there, the product can have vastly different effects.

Because of this extreme confusion across the industry, it’s important to clarify the specifics to each of the terms thrown around. Each word or combination of words can describe products with remarkably different purposes.

If you are looking for Sativa oil, but purchase cannabis seed oil, you will immediately discover a problem. The same goes if you bought hemp oil but wanted marijuana oil. Not all cannabis products were created equal, and it’s important to understand the differences.

What is Cannabis?

If you understand nothing else after reading this article, the main point is that cannabis is a plant that contains many sub-strains. Under the main umbrella of cannabis come three different subspecies including Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis.

The possible combinations of subspecies are endless. Anyone that smokes weed on a regular basis will tell you exactly which Indica-Sativa blend they prefer. Some like to sedate; others prefer to create.

Also, there are differences between the male and female Sativa plants which are important. Important, because it can determine if the plant is legal not. Female plants produce flowers, or what we have all come to know and love – the buds. Male plants do not produce bud and generally speaking are not very potent in terms of THC.

Different sources will call the male and female plants by different names. Cannabis, marijuana, and hemp are often used interchangeably. But for this article, we’ll use marijuana to refer to plants that produce flowers and contain lots of THC.

We’ll use the word hemp to talk about the male plants. Most people don’t smoke male plants. Hemp is used to make industrial goods, fibers, medicinal supplements and food products.

Breaking Down the Differences

If you aren’t completely confused yet, get ready for a wild ride. Cannabis isn’t entirely legal in all its forms. Until it is, we will not see industry-wide guidelines covering the terminology. Which is why it’s so important to understand the different products that come from cannabis. After reading this article, next time you see cannabis sativa seed oil, or hemp oil, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

Marijuana Oil

First, let’s start with the good stuff. Marijuana oil is the potent, THC heavy product sourced from the female marijuana plant. It can also be called cannabis oil. This product will get you high, and it will contain tons of THC alongside other cannabinoids.

It is processed through a variety of methods, but usually through extraction techniques. Buds are harvested and combined with a solvent. The first step removes the solvent, followed by straining out the bed, and finally, only potent oil remains. Currently marijuana oil is illegal at a federal level in America. Thankfully, some states have started to legalize it within their borders.

Hemp Oil

Next on our list is hemp oil. Other names for this product are cannabis oil, CBD oil, and hemp CBD oil. It’s not surprising that hemp oil comes from hemp (the male cannabis plant).

Like marijuana oil, it’s created through an extraction method. But instead of just relying on the bud, hemp oil should be made using the entire plant. This means taking advantage of all the cannabinoids inside the stalk, leaves, and seeds.

Hemp oil is a legal alternative to marijuana oil. Although it doesn’t contain measurable levels of THC, it still includes many of the medicinal benefits. Some strains of hemp are grown specifically for their CBD content, which is why it also called CBD oil.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is what it sounds like; it’s a product made from hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are an extremely hot superfood right now. It is not a medicinal substance, but a dietary one.

Hemp seed oil is a healthy, popular cooking oil used to increase your daily intake of healthy fats. This means it contains polyunsaturated fats, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Also, its high in protein and dietary fiber.

The seeds are usually pressed in a cold press method, using pressure to extract the oil. The hemp seeds are from the male plant, meaning this product is also legal because it doesn’t contain THC.

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

Now we get to the most confusing product on our list, cannabis sativa seed oil. Unfortunately, especially for people looking to get stoned, the name is deceiving.

Cannabis sativa seed oil is usually nothing more exciting then hemp seed oil. Most of the time, it doesn’t contain any THC content at all. Instead, it’s sold in health food stores and online shops for precisely the same purpose as hemp seed oil. The cannabis sativa portion of the name is just referring back to the strain of plant, not its THC percentage.

Have You Figured it Out Yet?

The key to figuring out if your cannabis oil will get you high or not is if it contains ‘seed’ in the name. The cannabis seeds contain such tiny amounts of THC that it will not have any mind-altering effects. Seeds are super nutritious, but not high-producing.

Other things to keep in mind when you are sorting through the different products available, is if they list cannabinoid content. Any quality medicinal product should break out exactly how much THC, CBD or other cannabinoids it has in it.

Despite the complicated nature of cannabis products, the plant is nevertheless exceptional. Not only does cannabis provide us with psychoactive compounds to alter our state of mind, but it has outstanding medicinal characteristics as well. On top of this, it also can be used to produce one of the healthiest cooking oils out there. The possibilites of cannabis are endless.

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  1. David Chavez says:

    I tested positive for THC. I don’t knowingly consume any marijuana. I was using “HEMPZ” brand body lotion daily. I see that contains “cannabis sativa seed oil”. Could this be the problem?

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