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Undercover Cops Posing as Drug Buyers Arrested by Undercover Cops Posing as Drug Dealers

A  huge mistake led to police officers arresting each other. Undercover police went to Detroit and posed as drug dealers. However, thanks to a mess up, another police group thought that they were real drug dealers and so they raided the house in what turned out to be one of the most embarrassing things ever seen in the department according to the Police chief (see video below).

The incident occurred when officers from the 12th precinct in Detroit went undercover with the purpose of pretending to be drug dealers so they could arrest buyers. Two buyers went to the house where the pretend drug dealing police officers were but they were actually police going undercover to arrest people selling drugs. They were from the 11th district of Detroit police. They began to search the place when they arrived and they were wearing body cams that captured the whole incident of the officers fighting and punching each other.

Incident Was Likened to Keystone Cops

It was said that the whole incident turned out to be something like you would see on the Keystone Cops silent films. Now the event has sparked an investigation. This is not the first time that something similar has happened. During the 80s, an incident occurred that saw two police officers killed.

While it is understood that when going undercover only those that are immediately involved can know what is happening, it can bring about unwanted consequences and mistakes. It seems that in this case, the Detroit police kept the undercover operations too undercover as one department pretending to be drug buyers arrested the other pretending to be drug dealers.

89 responses to “Undercover Cops Posing as Drug Buyers Arrested by Undercover Cops Posing as Drug Dealers”

  1. Andrew Scarbro says:

    And this is why I say America is in trouble we are the only country to have a war against drugs are taxes pay for this stupidity smh we should be more worried about other crimes shit stupid cops

    • Billy bob says:

      It’s our taxes not are. Stoopid

    • Tim says:

      Amen! See, us more enlightened folk up in Canada have laughed at your government’s feeble attempts to control their population through propaganda and fear mongering. C’mon up here EH, just pay a little more kn taxes, but in exchange you don’t have overbearing police shooting everyone with baggy pants, and we have free healthcare… I know… crazy right?

      • Canada? Is that still a country?

      • Matt says:

        LOL. Free healthcare. Yea, no. Where do you think your extra taxes go? That “free” healthcare..

        • Boops says:

          Our ‘extra taxes’ go to welfare sweetie. It would be way too convenient giving that back to the people who get that health care at 34$/m or paid by employer. The idea of free healthcare is a myth and our taxes have nothing to do with it but thanks for trying.

        • Red Ghost says:

          Yuuup. It’s social medicine. We all pay a little so those that need can get it. It’s helping each other. Something you Yanks seem to have a hard time with.

          • Vinnie says:

            I’m an American but I gotta admit he’s right about that…. We spend ALOT of time complaining…

        • Geekausaurus says:

          We pay on average a little under $5,000 US for our healthcare. That gets us everything including pre-existing cover, pharmacare, ambulances, all of it.

          You pay over $10,000 on average. With all the co-pays, deductibles and oops issues that can land you individually in the poorhouse. You are one serious illness away from bankruptcy.

          Is it worth it?

      • V says:

        Should **have** not should of

      • Tammy says:

        Can my family come to Canada too?
        To much ignorance here. Here it is impossible to tell the guilty from the innocent or in this case the criminals from the cops.
        When has it become okay for the good guys the heroes to do bad to do good. Makes no sense!
        A hero is suppose to model good behavior. The lines get blurred when lying, acting bad, doing bad is the way to catch the bad.
        Whether you believe in God or not the Bible has good advice. Romans 14:13-23 and Luke 17:1 if you have understanding you would know what I mean by these verses. Plus, Proverbs 6:16-19. Going undercover or lying in anyway, making wicked plans, etc…does all the things that we all should hate. Laws should change, there has to be a better way.
        Maybe other countries know something we don’t?

    • Shanshan says:

      This was an easy error to make Chicago is a huge city and their investigation department is split into devisions and scheduled stings at pre designated addresses could have been double “booked” so to speak. It’s a matter of scheduling.

      • Pillsberry Dough Boy says:

        It was in Detroit not Chicago

        • Di says:

          remember oblama handed out free radiation and they were soooo excited. btw, those of y’all who are short of 8th grade literacy and grammar are deficient of something…please, eat your vegetables, get your vitamins, and get some fresh air and sunlight.

          remember: “anti” anything adds energy to the very thing we do not want. Mother Teresa stated she’d never go to an anti war rally, but she would go to a pro peace one. When are we going to uh, get it?

    • Johhny says:

      Before you try to bash the police department. You might want to get you words correct

    • Beth Hovet says:

      Wow, And THIS is the other problem with America today!! The persons’ response was only incorrect because they didn’t use the correct punctuation. It should have read: And this is why I say America is in trouble. We are the only country to have a war against drugs. Are taxes paying for this stupidity? smh, We should be more worried about other crimes. stupid cops!

  2. Rj says:

    Why arrest the buyers smh..murica

  3. Anonymous says:

    How do you pose as drug dealers without actually selling drugs?

  4. Jim Sherman says:

    Shows how insulated and unaware of the world you are. Most western countries have a war on drugs you melt. All of which are taxpayer funded. Dosent help when the country paying for them is the country smuggling them in to begin with.

  5. Nupac says:

    their fowl lay cooked eggs, they pose as dealers and the first buyers to show up are undercover police officers, that’s hilarious

  6. Duncan White says:

    Stooped?? Stupid?? STUPID… LOL

  7. brexitboy says:

    Ironic that the UK fought wars over opium only a few hundred years ago….the ORIGINAL drug dealers……

    • Just my opinion says:

      C’mon it’s my understanding that the UK was partly founded by opium money, the original exporters from Afghanistan? Drug wars are a fars so the CIA and other clandestine agencies can make money, give me one example of the “war on drugs” working, one that has consistently worked?

      • Louie says:

        Employment growth..😂😂😂 there is your 1…

      • Nice guy with good intentions says:

        Dont want to be rude but it is a “farse”

      • Gypsi says:

        The war on drugs is fake and once it was implemented, it couldn’t be undone. If we stopped fighting it or actually eliminated it our whole foundation would fall apart. Over half the people in law enforcement would no longer be needed. The economy would crash. There would be no more funding for programs geared to rehabilitation. Three quarters of the nations prisons would go empty. Corrections officers would be unemployed…..rehabs closed…the list goes on and on. This country is built on the war on drugs-but just say “no”!! Lol

  8. Claymore says:

    So much for the entrepreneurial spirit…

  9. RaShonda Evaige says:

    Wow reading some of the comments and it never fails when people are harsh on someone comments. Who cares about taxes or is Canada a country ect ect ect. We need to take this seriously when cops are posing as drug dealers. As well the lack of communication in which cause this mix up to happen. What would have happen if that situation got worse and gun shots were fired. Innocent people in their homes would have stray bullets entering into their homes. Have you ever lived next to drug dealers and a raid happens. Trust me rather it an upscale or poor neighborhood or whatever police do not care if a stray bullets enters into anyones home…….they do not at all care….innocent people could have gotten hurt by this event……..they do not care when doing things like this in any community

  10. Walknot says:

    How do undercover cops resist arrest? Wouldn’t it simply be a quick trip to the station at the worst? Most likely a few min in cuffs in the back of the squad car?

  11. Jen says:

    The site is “for entertainment purposes”….

    • Gypsi says:

      It’s for entertainment but they use real stories. This was in the real media also. They may put a sarcastic twist in the stories but the footage is real.

  12. Dave says:

    Seeing it is Detroit and being from here .. I can guarantee were dirty cops trying to rob a dope house 😂

  13. Kay says:

    Cops rarely go after buyers. Perhaps real cops selling drugs until they get busted, then say “NO, we’re undercover!”

  14. Robert Cohen says:

    Couldn’t happen here in the UK. Thanks to austerity there are hardly any police to be seen. Just look at all the idiot drivers on the road flouting the law and driving like divs and not a copper about

  15. Stephen Malturin says:

    Retard fight! I love it.

  16. Fuck you says:

    Y’all should go get a fucking degree in grammar correcting, idoits

  17. Rebecca Morris says:

    Dorks !!!

  18. Dixie says:

    AND spelling, idiots!

  19. Joan says:

    Wow! What a crazy change of subject! Kyle like your”too” and laughing at the original story!

  20. Dean McNutt says:

    Sweet Jesus this comment section is like America it’s self completely devided, and lost all reason of the actual main issue . The war on drugs has been going on for decades it was started by a man named Harry j ansligher who used Marijuana as a reason to introduce fear mongering and hate sighting that Marijuana causes mental health issues and makes you crazy ect…. in reality Marijuana is 100% safe just another example a false flag war . For what you say it’s always been the same reasons money , power , and control instead of flushing all that money down the toilet why don’t the American government focus on rehibilitation ? Oh ya cause then all the prisons would shut down I mean is that such a bad idea ? No because if you rehibilitate people instead of this constant cycle of imprisonment poverty and depression people who get out of jail have no way to get on there feet because yet again of America’s retarded laws here’s a thought treat people like human beings get to the actual root causes instead of judging them all the time stop the rediculous cycles you and your government put desperate people on America used to be a great country but after WW2 it all went down hill at one time America had an entire generation of your people locked up for fucking Marijuana charges and we all know that was bullsshit yet still half of your country still out laws it people in your country are suffering bad and yes Canada is a country BTW maybe America and Americans should stop believin there own lies stop spending so much money on defense and army and actually make good programs like universal health care system it wouldn’t cost that much only a small fraction of what u guys actually spend on health care but that’s the American dream you guys keep telling your selfs come here and get rich by fucking over other Americans yay doctors having three houses and Lamborghinis and you wonder why your country isn’t great again because it’s not socially politically ethically your all fucked you have the illusion of free will but that’s all yet again a false flag really the 1% own and operate your country and it’s be a clue of there greed and agendas as to why almost every country in the world hates you guys even your allies it’s like the bully in the play ground no one wants to be around but your loud stupid ass’s don’t get the message to change your ways half of you actually want to change the way you do things and the other half are trumpers and trumpets lol all puns intended the only wall your building is in America against each other eventually at some point and time you guys will get a rude awakening either by a nuke or what ever it may but at some point and time you will have to answer for all the bull shit you yanks have done and continue to do I hope the ones that have an actual brain and soul who want nothing but the best for every one to get through this and if it gets really bad come on up to Canada I’m sure the little weevils will try to come up here to but your mouths always get you noticed which will be your down fall it always has and always will here’s a thought shut up for once and listen actually listen with an open heart and open mind but you might be suprise’d what you can learn but hey most of you can’t even find Canada on a map that’s a fact lol for people who think there smart boy you guys do and say some really dumb shit so in closing the only way you make America great again is by doing the opposite of what your doing now (besides any aid you give to the world ) and if someone finds oil in some other country don’t invade it ok your hated enough in this fucked up world which you helped make even more fucked up thank you for your cooperation sincerely every fucking Canadian ever ya know cause there’s only four of us up here me Chris Chad and Matt lol .

    • Tammy says:

      Lol, a lot of great points. Very long rant. The grammar warriors are all in knots.
      Marijuana is to often smoked instead of ate so not 100% safe. My niece started smoking to young (or it could have been from maternal usage) and now has a portion of her brain undeveloped and gets seizures more when using but will not stop (addiction). Anything can be addictive (grammar warriors) but it is only considered an addiction if it affects your life adversely. For other friends and family it is a miracle for pain and activity but will damage their lungs, etc…
      Before it was made legal here it could have affected their lives adversly legally and financially.
      Canada sounds great but there is sin and greed everywhere. Canada wants to run a pipeline through our coast line for instance and that will put many lives in danger. We are already in the ring of fire for Gods sake. I can’t help thinking of revelations and the lakes on fire.
      America is not the only land of greed, we just set the bad examples that lead others astray or maybe not. It is all just a big cycle, history repeats itself. First Kenya than the rain forest, etc…
      We are all just slaves in one way or another all dependant on each other. We trust others too easy and want too much. What is good for one person may not be good for another.
      Too much of any thing can be a bad thing.
      Too many chances of having a snake in the den or a wolf among the sheep.
      Cops are no longer just peacekeepers and doctors are no longer just healers. Not when they are in bed with big pharma, drug lords and/or politicians. The Heroes are far an in between and even as the Bible says even those who are evil know how to give good gifts to their children. Mathews 7:11-12 so it can be hard to tell them apart from those who are good. That is why we should not judge a nation by those who rule it. Yet I lnow you get that for you left an escape for those of us Americans who want better. But there is slavery everywhere. What I have heard is Americans can not get citizenship in Canada unless they have a special needed trade or family there. Same is true with America it seems, that is why we have so many illegal immigrants. Only the well connected, higher income folks get citizenship. But they forget the value of Gods people who are mostly poor..

    • David says:

      Wow that was one long run on sentence!

    • Geekausaurus says:

      Dean, as a fellow Canadian, I have to admit that you had a lot of amazing ideas in there, but you set my teeth on edge putting them across. You really need to learn a few things about the English language, especially how to organize your thoughts, punctuation and spelling. Those few improvements and you could be a great journalist or social commentator.

      Good luck, buddy!

    • Ben Mennegar says:

      Your right ! 100% well said!

  21. L. Thezan says:

    Who knew the 12th Precinct set up a sting dope house and who tipped the 11th precinct of this dope house.

  22. Mark Webb says:

    To all the stupid posters comment above:

    You can’t fix stupid, but duct tape will muffle it….

  23. Matthew Rivas says:

    This comment section isn’t stupid, it’s retarded.

  24. Mark says:

    The war on drugs is finally working the way it was intended by removing dangerous people from the streets.

  25. Dixie says:

    Wouldn’t the 11th and 12th precincts have different areas under their jurisdiction? If so, someone was not in their area of jurisdiction.

  26. Dixie Bander says:

    Wouldn’t the 11th and 12th precincts have different areas under their jurisdiction? If so, someone was not in their area of jurisdiction.

  27. Simm says:

    Damn, this comment thread is epic inspired by the posted topic. a screenshot can be a trending memes.

  28. Morton says:

    Yall ignant

  29. Ryan Tank says:

    If people in comment threads spent as much effort trolling and (incorrectly) correcting others’ grammar, or just being an annonmyous keyboard shithead for no practical reason… and instead had honest and thoughtful examinations of their own/others’ opinions/beliefs — would we be in a better place?
    For the record, I’m framing my question alongside the assumption that everyone on this comment thread is a part of the same community (family -> local -> state -> country – USA! USA! -> western -> global etc)

    Would any/all of the said communities we individually identify with be better off (financially, intellectually, spiritually, blah blah blah – however you want to slice it) – if we used simple communication such as a comment section to learn from each other?

    Or is there really no harm in having a entirely different online personality saying shit without consequence that you would never have the audacity to say in person to inflate your own ego or push the envelope anonymously, recklessly, and intentionally offensive?

    That was a rhetorical question and I took a great deal of satisfaction in posting this condescending comment randomly. My ego is now ready for bed. Have a great life.

  30. Marco says:

    Yo that’s sick 🤣 cops beating up each other 😂😂😂

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