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Two People Paid $40,000 Each To Smoke Weed With Seth Rogen & Learn Pottery

It sounds like the ultimate dream for many people to smoke weed with Seth Rogen.

Sadly, it remains just that, a dream, because the chances of you or I meeting the Superbad star anytime soon are slim to none.

Amazingly, two admirers who paid $40,000 each to spend time with the actor are about to make it a reality.

The purchase was made at an auction held by Rogen and his wife Lauren on October 1 in Los Angeles as part of their annual Hilarity for Charity event to help caregivers and raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.

Some of the biggest names in music and movies attended the opulent event, and John Mayer gave a performance.

In addition to smoking a cigarette with Rogen, many other fantastic opportunities were available.

For instance, someone paid $26,000  for a cooking lesson with Momofuku chef David Chang for them and five of their friends, and another paid $24,000  for a private skateboarding lesson for four with Tony Hawk.

Additionally, Mayer offered a signed guitar and a private virtual concert, both of which were purchased for a cool $26,000).

All told, the celebrity-studded affair brought in a staggering $860,000for the good cause.

Speaking at the party, Rogen joked: “Ten years we’ve been doing this. I’m still a famous person, that’s nice! This whole thing could have come crashing down, but no.”

But while Rogen might be one of the first celebs who comes to mind when you’re thinking of Hollywood’s stoner fraternity, he’s got nothing on Snoop Dogg.

While a couple of fans paid to get high with the Knocked Up star, Snoop actually pays someone to roll his blunts for him.

That’s about as big time as it gets.

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