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Tucker Carlson And Fox News Blames Feminism & Weed For Gun Massacres (Again)

The Fox News primetime stars were back at it the day after yet another horrifying mass shooting, desperately searching for any justification, however ridiculous or illogical, for the horrors other than weapons and the ease with which anyone might obtain them.

For instance, Tucker Carlson offered a somewhat unusual reason for the most recent mass shooting: feminism, cannabis, and antidepressant medicine.

They are constantly being lectured about their alleged privilege by the authorities in their lives, who are mainly women. “You’re privileged because you’re a man.” Try to picture a life that is less healthy or happier than that. Consequently, many young guys in America are going crazy. What surprised you? Furthermore, a startlingly high percentage have received SSRIS, antidepressants, or psychiatric medication from their doctors.

The document also made it clear that Fox News should be held accountable for marijuana legalization, which, incidentally, is something that the vast majority of Americans support since Laura Ingraham complained about it for a long time and made bogus assertions about “pot psychosis.”

Carlson claimed that “crackpots acting as “counselors” are compelling American youngsters to use “psychotropic drugs,” and that young men in the country “inhabit” a life dominated by “social media, porn, and video games,” as well as “government authorized cannabis.” Which, okay.

You may see it now below if you’d like to hear that. Just to be clear, there is no established connection between cannabis use and mass shootings.

What do you think about the statement of the Fox News clowns? Let us know in the comments!

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