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Totem Vaporizers – The New PAX Alternative?

The Totem Vaporizer is heading for a packed marketplace which leads many people to ask, will it survive and make an impact? In effect, the offering from Totem is going head to head with the established and popular Pax and it could make a bigger impact than is expected. But why? What does this dry herb vaporizer offer that others perhaps struggle to do?

It has a hybrid heating system

We all know how important the heat and temperature of a piece is in order to get the best flavour and the best hit.

And this is where other dry herb vaporizers on the market let users down. By being too hot too quickly, the punch is lost and the herbs scorched. Too low and too slow, and we seem to wait for the punchline that is never quite delivered. In other words, the true flavour and essence are never really released, leaving us wanting.

The Totem vape is a small but impressive piece of kit, it uses two heating methods – conduction and convection. But what does this mean?

  • Conduction– this method of heating is when energy is transferred by direct contact. In other words, the hotter material passes heat to another to ‘even’ the temperature. In the case of the Totem vaporizer, conduction happens in the chamber.
  • Convection – this is the heating and movement of air. We commonly see this in our homes because this is how central heating works. As the air is heated, it moves around the room and this happens in the Totem vaporizer when cold air is pulled in, heated in the device and then you drag the hotter air out as you vape, getting a lungful of flavour as the hot air passes over your prized herb.

Different coloured lighting system

No one wants their herb to spoil and thus the four-colours help you out when it comes to making sure you get the right temperature at the right time.

  • Blue – 356ºF/180ºC
  • Purple – 374ºF/190ºC
  • Orange – 392ºF/200ºC
  • Red – 400ºF/210ºC

It isn’t a one-hit wonder

The team at Totem vaporizer have made it clear that they are here for the long haul and so if this latest offering is anything to go by, they have the ingredients for success.

A play on words it may be, but there could be some truth to what Totem say that they dry herb vaporizer is the chief of them all.

They say they are redefining standards, pushing the boundaries of the definition of a high calibre vape. They promise to connect you, the user, to a superior and undiscovered experience.

Are they delivering on their promises? With a battery life expected to last up to an hour, it could be that this small piece of kit offers the reliability that they say it does.

The new vape on the block that promises to shake things up

A change, as the saying goes, is as good as a rest. And so when something new comes along, it is always worth more than a second glance.

Surely the hybrid convection and conduction heating system is enough to attract attention but if you want more, just take a look at some of the other factors the Totem vaporizer has going for it;

  • It’s an outdoor piece of kit too – if you want something robust for on the move, then this dry herb vaporizer will get you there.
  • Super-resilient – no one would recommend you drop your vaporizer on purpose but you know, accidents happen. Tough and resilient, the Totem vaporizer should survive after a drop and wears well with use too.
  • Splash-proof – perfect for when you are out and about, living life.
  • Blowbacks – for when you want a mega-hit, the Totem vaporizer can deliver the blowbacks you want

Is it an alternative to the Pax?

Users who opt for the Pax 3 do so because they want a mix of both value and function. And that’s what they get.

But does it really push the boundaries? Does it help you take your vaping and smoking to another level?

Just as discreet, in-the-palm-of-your-hand design as the Pax 3, the Totem vaporizer will come it at a similar price point and for many people, this will be enough, along with the features and promised enhanced performance, to persuade them to give it a go.

Will you?

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  1. Luis Santiago says:

    I heard you can stack all your totems together to make one big super totem!!!

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