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The Most Popular Cannabis Dispensaries in Thailand

One thing is for sure; we were impressed after visiting Bangkok to check out the quality of their cannabis stores and products.

Our writer from California traveled 18 hours to bring International Highlife readers an inside look at the newly legalized Cannabis in Thailand.

“As someone from California, I had high expectations when it came to the cannabis I was purchasing and was pleasantly surprised to see top shelf cannabis available in the dispensaries in Bangkok.” commented our writer, Jesus Sanchez. After exploring the most highly rated dispensaries on Google in Thailand, we have the inside scoop on the best prices and quality available for sale.

Legal Cannabis Market Prices in Bangkok

Before discussing the best cannabis stores in Thailand, we must first understand the prices. “A lot of tourists are not familiar with the market prices of cannabis and are just paying top dollar for bud, and they are selling out too.” said a cannabis store business owner.

We found cannabis available for sale starting at 500 baht a gram, equivalent to 13.95 dollars. The quality of this cannabis will vary depending on the cannabis store. However, there were top-shelf and mid-grade available at this price. The high-end price for a single gram of cannabis was 3200 Baht, 89.26 dollars. The dispensary with this expensive bud said they sold out of all of their cannabis a few days after visiting them and would be restocking soon.

Cannabis Quality in Thailand

Now that we went over the price ranges of marijuana sold in Bangkok, it’s time to talk about the quality. We will start with the most expensive cannabis we found, which sold for over $70-$80 USD a gram. Was it worth it? Well, it was the most beautiful cannabis we found available in Thailand. Therefore, its high cost does reflect its perfect cultivation. It sold out and must have been purchased by cannabis connoisseurs.

The cannabis is grown indoors and trimmed to perfection. The quality of this top-shelf cannabis was absolutely on the same level as the top-shelf options available in California. The mid-grade bud available for much less at 500 Baht a gram was also really impressive. 

Four Twenty Dispensary

It was a true pleasure visiting the Four Twenty dispensaries in Bangkok, and that’s because of their great selection of cannabis along with outstanding customer service. The layout of their cannabis store was easy to navigate and great for checking out the products available for sale.

Upon entering their dispensary, there is a rolling station on the left. There is a lounging area to the left of their front counter where you check out. You can find their cannabis selection, pre-rolled cones, and rolling papers on the right side.

The Four Twenty dispensary has created an awesome vibe with great music playing in the background and an easy ability to see and smell the cannabis available for sale. Their team members are quick to provide friendly help and will instantly greet you upon arrival. They have jars lined up on their counter with the strain names and prices. One of their staff members let us open the jars and take a closer look at our interesting options, and let us smell the buds too.

Cannabis Strains

They also had many familiar cannabis strains from California, including Gary Payton, Jealously, White Runtz, the Runtz, Bubblegum, Girl Scout Cookies, and many more. The quality of their nugs was nice too. We decided to purchase 3 grams of their White Runtz strain because it was among one of the most covered in trichomes and looked naturally grown. We paid 2,200 Baht for the White Runtz strain, which was around $61.72 dollars. Another purchase placed from them was for a lighter and pack of Raw pre-rolled cones, which came out to 100 Baht ($2.81 USD) each.

The White Runtz strain was dominated by the color purple and had a little green on it. The bud was sticky, making it easy to create the perfect joints. After taking the first puff of this cannabis strain, the effects of the THC were instantly felt. The label of White Runtz showed between 18-20% and provided a wonderful high compared to strains in California with higher percentages. The smoke session was smooth and tasteful. 

Designated Area To Roll Up

It was great to have an area to sit down. We got a rolling tray and a weed grinder upon request. The cannabis grinder had a nice amount of kief in the bottom department, which was a sign many customers have used it before. There was already someone at the rolling station when we arrived. This area was big enough for plenty of customers to conformable roll up before their journey to go smoke their weed. 

It was great to roll up while there was familiar music in the background. We also meet the owner of this fine establishment, whose name is Tai. He was a gracious owner who allowed us to interview him, and he even smoked out our writer with the Jealously strain, which is surging in popularity right now.

Smoking Area

We were able to smoke our purchased cannabis outside their dispensary, there is a chair with an ashtray available. There were also plenty of foreigners who were blazing it up while standing outside near their dispensary. We rolled up 6 half-gram joints of the cannabis purchased here and smoked most of them in front of their business without any problems. A woman walking by encouraged us to only smoke at night to avoid any problems with the Thai Police.

We took her advice and would only come back at night to smoke out the front of the 420 Dispensary. The current law in Thailand for smoking cannabis is not to do it in public or create a disturbance with it. They recommend smoking on your own private property to avoid breaking the law.

Chopaka Dispensary

chopaka dispensary bangkok

The next favorite cannabis store we visited in Bangkok is Chopaka, located on Sukhumvit Rd. They provided us with the most affordable cannabis options with premium options for sale.

We purchased 3 grams from them for 1260 baht ($35.36), and two packs of pre-rolled cones for 160 baht ($4.49). What surprised us was that they had a deal that can be found in California, which are smaller nugs for a lower price. These smaller buds were really high quality, covered in trichomes. We purchased their Orange Punch strain, which was covered in purple and green at an almost even ratio. 

We asked if their cannabis have been lab tested, and he informed us it was through independent labs. Although the actual jars do not come with the lab test information, the staff member gave us a potency of 20%. Smoking their cannabis was a truly delightful experience, another smooth and potent session.


We liked this small cannabis store with friendly staff and high-quality cannabis buds for sale. They also had more cannabis smoking accessories than any other dispensary we visited. They had a ton of glass bongs and pipes on top of a table which can be seen upon entering. Their prices ranged from 550 baht ($15.44) to 900 baht ($25.27) per gram, based on the quality of their buds. They have mid-shelf to top-shelf available, with every option looking great. Their cannabis is adequately trimmed and has plenty of trichomes too. They also had some familiar cannabis strains too, such as Mimosa, GMO, Animal Mints, and more! 

Their inventory of cannabis is locally grown in Thailand, with some real talent. Upon entering, you can see a couple of cannabis plants in pots under growing lights. It was a great overall experience visiting them, and we highly recommend anyone looking for some quality cannabis options at decent prices to visit them too.

Kana Pure

Next on our list is (one of ) the most expensive dispensary, with the highest quality cannabis available for sale. This dispensary even sold out of their entire stock a few days after we visited. They had announced on their Facebook about being out of inventory. They had cannabis strains that averaged 18-25% percent, and they all looked perfectly cultivated. However, on average, prepare to spend 1900 baht ($53.34) for a single gram of their cannabis. Their store is located in Bangkok, 70 Soi Sukhumvit 16. They have a large building that is easy to spot when walking down the road. The staff was great and very friendly. They quickly became busy shortly after we arrived. 


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