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Since the dawn of time humanity has looked for, and found, various ways to enter altered states of consciousness. We picked five of the finest weed strains mankind has ever experienced.

Cannabis Strains You Must Try

From harsh chemicals to alcoholic beverages, we can run the gambit on the list in another article. For now, we will look at what is considered by many to be the better alternative – marijuana.

Theophrastus (c. 371–287 BC), a student of Aristotle, was the first to lay down the main principles of botany. Since those first dabblings with the ferna of the time, we have been hooked on making plants bigger and better.

As with any flowering plant, there are many varieties. The variables in the strains can combine through cross-breeding and back-breeding to produce desired results over several generations.

Our present day marijuana growers have taken the strains of old and created monsters in the industry. Breeding the best plants with the most desirable qualities has become the the ultimate goal for many. Beyond winning awards, these plants are changing the game.


While opinions are subjective, there are a few things about which one can agree:

  • These plants are beautiful
  • These strains are potent
  • The flavors are varied
  • They will mess you up

As the THC levels increase, the effects vary as much as the flavors of the buds. Flavor nuances cultivated from mixing strains has become as much an art as cultivation itself.

The Art of Marijuana has taken on a life of its own. This isn’t your grandpappy’s weed, little brother or sister.

I cannot say this will be the all-inclusive listing of your favorites. It is a good cross-section of awesome. It doesn’t take long to notice that the running theme for the top marijuana strains is all about flavor. After all, what fun is smoking if it takes like crap?

Taste is the big catch these days. Whether fruity, citrusy, or sweet, the flavors available now are as varied as the local ice cream parlor.


Back in the 1970s, one could expect to find weed of questionable quality by today’s standards.

What was good by their standards was of extremely low THC levels. Sure, it was nothing to roll a big, fat Doobie. It was needed to get high. Especially if you were having a party.

Imagine having to roll 10 or 15 joints just to get a crowd a decent buzz. Yeah, that’s fun. Today we have weed of such high quality that the reggie of today is the dro of yesteryear.


#5 Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush Strain


This Indica-dominant strain has won two Cannabis Cup titles. With high levels of THC, this is a guaranteed cure for insomnia. With OG Kush genetics, this California hybrid has a nice, mellow high with earthy, fruity flavors.

The high THC mixed with some amazingly pleasing flavors is sure to impress even an old school stoner.


#4 Blackberry X Blueberry

The flavors of this strain are made apparent in its name. This especially tasty Indica-dominant hybrid is noted for its ability to help with stress and pain.

Loaded with white crystals and lots of THC, this is a true taste sensation and visual delight.


#3 Tangerine Power

Tangerine Power Strain


As the first on this list to be a Sativa-dominant hybrid, it makes quite a show. The bright colors of the pistils contrasting with the greens in the bud make for one pretty nuglet.

The result of crossing Agent Orange with Blue Power, it carries the best qualities of both strains.

The uplifting yet relaxing high comes from the citrusy aromas with a hint of spice – reminiscent of Afghan Kush.


#2 Banana Kush

Banana Kush Strain
Ok, for those not in the know:

Kush = Good. Really good.

In keeping with the tradition of the list thus far, we have yet another flavorful name to add. Banana Kush is an Indica-dominant strain is hard hitting and packs a big THC punch. One whiff of the bag should bring to mind ripe bananas.

Ghost OG and Skunk Haze come together to give you’ve the user a creative boost while keeping mellow. The relaxing high lifts inhibitions and eases social discomfort.


#1 Blue Dream

Blue Dream Strain
Blue Dream is topping the sales list at many dispensaries around the globe. The mellow high appeals to novice smokers and pros alike. A cross between Blueberry Indica and sativa haze, it produces a level high that is good for almost everyone.

The active buzz makes it a good choice for daytime or nighttime use. Full bodied relaxation and gently motivating high is cerebrally invigorating.

The flavor palate comes from its Blueberry parentage. Relief is quick without being overly sedating. Pain, depression, and nausea are all likely to be remedied, as well as others which require higher level THC content.

While these are just a few of the amazing strains circulating the scene, there are many others deserving to be on this list. Top 10 would have been fun, but I’m already having a hard time not getting sidetracked by the desire to smoke a fat one…

Checkout the blue dream full strain information.

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    Good to see Blue Dream on there. It really is nice! Some of my other favorites are Great White Shark, Pineapple Express, and Jilly Bean.

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