Exclusive Death Star Weed Grinder

Official Death Star Weed Grinder

Once again we enter the realm of replica grinders. This time, it’s for the Star Wars nerds. Ever wanted to combine your love of weed and your love of Star Wars? Look no further than the Death Star classic grinder. Looks great on your living room shelf, right next to other collector items. However, unlike your action figures, it’s going to collect kief, not dust.

A great affordable gift idea – the Death Star grinder is only $14.99.

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Chromium Crusher 1.6 Inch 4 Piece

Chromium Crusher 1.6 Inch 4 Piece Weed Grinder

If you live in a region with strict cannabis regulations, you’ll want to purchase a stealth grinder. Take this option, a grinder which comes in the form of a soda can. Mimicking the red and white of a classic Coca-Cola can, this four-piece grinder certainly looks the part. The cola grinder is large enough to house a large kief collector as well as the standard diamond tooth grinder.

The price tag sits at $8.95. However, you don’t have control over the flavor of soda, the seller ships randomly.

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Tree of Life Weed Grinder by DIG

Led Zeppelin called, he wants his grinder back. This weed grinder is another reflection on the stoner culture of days gone by. Beautiful metal etching covers the entire surface of the grinder, with contrasting silver and black coloring. The grinder comes with a removable kief collector, so you can decide for yourself the type of grinding experience you are looking for.

It’s another slightly higher priced item on this list, but when you feel the nice weight of it in the palm of your hands – you’ll be happy with your purchase. it is currently listed at $18.50, with a 30-day back money guarantee.

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Large Weed Grinder by Zip Grinders

Large Herb Grinder by Zip Grinders

Next, on our list, we have a 2.5” grinder with a transparent chamber. This grinder is twice the size of your typical grinder, and the clear chamber allows you to see the finished product. It’s an innovative feature, which lets you see how much weed you’ve got, and how much you’ll need to grind. With 49-diamond-shaped-teeth you’ll get a fine grind every single time. If you prefer a smaller grinder, simply remove the clear chamber for when you’re on the road. It’s a multi-faceted device, worth every penny you spend on it.

That said, you won’t need many pennies – it’s only $10.99.

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Mandala Weed Grinder

Mandala Grinder

When you think of the perfect stoner apartment, you’ll likely dream up bean bag chairs, a hookah and Indian tapestries on the wall. If this sounds all too familiar, why not order a grinder inspired by this patchouli filled environment? A small feminine featured grinder, it still packs a powerful punch. It has a pollen collection chamber, a kief scrapper, and of course the beautifully decorated top. Keep this in your pocket, or out in the open, it’s one of the most stunning pieces on our list.

Still coming in under $20, this grinder is a cool $19.95.

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K-Brand Weed Grinder by Knimach

K-Brand Grinder by Knimach

If you like a grinder that means business, the K-Brand Grinder is the one to hire. It’s solidly built, looking like an off-road jeep, just without the mud on its tires. It comes with all the necessary parts, including kief catcher, scaper, and micron screen. Plus, don’t forget the small windows into the chamber, so you can keep a close eye on what’s going on.

Priced at $16.47, it’s a crowd pleaser and will stand the test of time.

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Drum Weed Grinder by Chromium Crusher

Drum Grinder by Chromium Crusher

One of the only grinders thus far with a pop of color. Move over boring shades of black, and hello to bright purple, pink, reds, and blues. If you choose to go with this brand, the challenge is choosing what color you’ll go with. No matter the color, however, it comes with a set of razor-sharp teeth, and the standard pollen collection chamber. A perfect set up for a perfect smoke session.

It is a middle of the road option, $12.50 plus shipping.

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Cali Crusher Hard Top

You’ve probably noticed most if not all of the earlier options had a kief collector. But maybe you’d prefer a sleeker, slimmer design over crystal collection. If that’s the case, you’ll want to explore the Cali Crusher series of grinders. Only two chambers, for the fresh nug and the grind, it doesn’t waste space on kief. It’s a simple, gold design, beautiful in its simplicity.

The Cali Crusher comes in at $14.95.

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Official Deadpool Weed Grinder

Official Deadpool Weed Grinder

You know what Deadpool would want you to do? Grind up a pile of fresh weed, roll a giant blunt, and get lit. He’d also probably want you to use his official Deadpool grinder to get the job done. If Deadpool is your superhero of choice, having is the official weed grinder on hand is the next logical step. He may even be the only superhero to support cannabis use. This package includes a kief collector, a scraper, and a beautifully designed box to store it in.

Despite the branding, it’s only $13.95.

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DCOU New Design Rainbow Weed Grinder

DCOU New Rainbow Weed Grinder

A durable design, with a new innovative feature, not available with any other grinder on this list. The DCOU Herb Grinder has an easy access window. Get instant access to the freshly ground cannabis, without actually having to open it. If you’ve ever struggled with a grinder gummed up with sticky resin, this is the solution. As a stoner, eventually even the most minimal activities, like turning a grinder, become strenuous. But with this design, simply pop open the hatch and get to smoking.

This grinder is an affordable option for the lazy stoner, it costs $15.00 even.

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Formax420 Zinc Alloy Weed Grinder with Pollen Presser


Formax420 Zinc Alloy Grinder with Pollen Presser

This bad boy grinder has an aluminum finish and comes embedded with the classic cannabis leaf design. It has a built-in pollen catcher, but also comes with a helpful plastic scraper and a pollen press.

Never heard of a pollen press? It lets you turn your kief into hash. A big plus for a small affordable grinder like this. Using your pollen scraper, remove the kief, and deposit it directly into the press. Soon, you’ll be smoking little chunks of home-made hash.

At only $19.99 and free shipping, this three-piece grinder set up is a steal of a deal.

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So there you have it, a list of the best weed grinders for under $20. Feel free to check them out and get your hands on a solid weed grinder for a reasonable price today!