What’s in your cannabis toolkit? Papers, a lighter, and a weed grinder. Without any of these essentials, smoking weed becomes more of a chore, and less enjoyable. Particularly so if you’ve misplaced your grinder. No matter how well you work a pair of scissors, nothing beats the uniformity and consistency of a well bade grinder. It keeps your fingers clean, collects kief for later, and saves time.

Now if only you could remember where you put it…

If you are on the market for a new weed grinder, you are in luck! Here’s a list of the best weed grinders on Amazon today. All at less than $20!

KOBRA Grinders – Weed Grinder

KOBRA Grinder - Herb Grinder

Finally, a grinder built to last. If you’ve busted through all your previous grinders, the Kobra is a model set above the rest. It’s made from titanium and relies on the power of 32 diamond shaped teeth. There is no nug it can’t handle.

At a little over $15, it’s well worth the small investment as it’s sure to stand the test of time. If you don’t lose it, or a friend doesn’t steal it, you could technically keep this grinder for the rest of your life. But, just in case it doesn’t meet your impossibly high standards, Kobra stands behind their product, with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

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Darth Vader Star Wars Weed Grinder

Star Wars Herb Grinder

The force is strong with this one. Strong enough to power through bud after bud of premier product. It’s a palm-sized, cute and cartoonish replica of everyone’s favorite evil doer – Darth Vader. By screwing off his tiny head, and packing the cavity, you too can feel the force of a potent high.

The benefits of this little grinder are its cuteness and its discretion. If you are concerned about family, friends, or partners finding out about your weed habit, why not hide it in Darth Vader’s head? They may think you are a Star Wars fan, but never a stoner. For $13.99 get a novel addition to your weed kit, but also an addition to your action figure collection.

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Aircraft Aluminum Mill with Diamond Teeth & Pollen Catcher

Top Premium 5 Piece Herb Grinder

If you are looking for a bit of an upgrade over the usual suspects, why not invest in a design using premium materials? As the name suggests, this model is made from aircraft grade aluminum, which is both lightweight and of industrial strength. It also includes a stylish bag and excellent gift packaging. If you are planning on giving this as a gift, no wrapping required.

It has 50 diamond shaped teeth, making it a cut above the rest for grinding power. Its scratch resistant, with a super strong magnet keeping the cover locked in place. This Aircraft Aluminum Mill costs $18.99.

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Purple Laser Engraved Weed Grinder

Elephant Laser Engraved Weed Grinder

Not all grinders are designed with aesthetics in mind. Although there are many models built to last, using industrial strength materials, few consider a pleasing appearance. This purple laser engraved grinder will hold up to continuous grinding, but will always look good while doing it. It’s a deep shade of metallic purple and comes with an Indian elephant dancing across its lid. It very well could be the statement piece for your weed kit you’ve been looking for.

Its visual appearance doesn’t take away from its grinding capability. It measures 2” high, comes with a pollen catcher, and 28 sharp diamond teeth. A lot to ask for, yet still only $19.99.

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Lightning Pattern Clear Top Weed Grinder

Aluminum Lightning Pattern Clear Top Weed Grinder

If you are the type of person attracted to fast cars and expensive rims, it’s safe to assume you’ll love this grinding option. It comes with the usual pollen catcher, the multiple chambers to separate the kief from the grind, from the teeth – but it’s got a unique feature. The top of the grinder is clear. It’s also lightning bolt shape. Perfect for hours spent grinding, its a mesmerizing experience.

If you’ve already got spinning hubcaps, you might as well buy a handful of these clear-lid lightening grinders to match. They come in a variety of colors and are on the cheaper end of things, only $12.99.

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Chromium Crusher Drum

Chromium Crusher Weed Grinder

Another weed grinder borrowing looks from luxury sports cars. This black chromium grinder is beautifully curved and extremely comfortable to hold and work in your hands. As the name suggests, it’s designed to quickly and efficiently crush your cannabis into the perfect grind. Don’t waste more effort than you need to break apart your nugs, just work them into the Crusher.

It’s a four piece set, containing a kief collector and the necessary scraper. It’s durable, made from strong aluminum alloy, and backed by a lifetime warranty. A solid deal in more ways than one, and only $14.99.

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Chromium Crusher Windmill

Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch Weed Grinder

If circular movements put you into a hypnotic state, you might want to consider getting a clear top weed grinder. Watching the windmill blades break into your bud can be a very soothing experience. It comes in a wide variety of colors, from straight blue to contrasting pink and gold.

This Chromium Crusher Windmill comes with a pollen catcher, a scraper, and a total of four pieces. Get one for you and your romantic interest. It’s a unique and affordable grinder, and only $14.99.

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DCOU Hand Cranked Premium Weed Grinder

This is the unbreakable grinder from DCOU. If you question its durability, we encourage you to try it out. It’s an innovative hand-cranked design, which is often susceptible to mechanical failure. But not this model, its built to stand up to years of hand cranking. So long as you clean the gears every so often, you’ll be pumping out perfectly ground cannabis in the years to come. 

It comes in a variety of metallic colors and comes with a pollen catcher. All for under $13!

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Psychedelic Weed Grinder


Psychedelic Weed Design Grinder

If you’re looking for device straight out of the 70’s, this is the grinder for you. Your pot-smoking dad will see this grinder, and reminiscent about the psychedelic days of his past. Its a beautifully crafted piece of art, that happens to also grind your cannabis.

As with any quality grinder, this psychedelic weed grinder has three separate containers. One for the bud, one for the chopped herb, and finally one for the crystal. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, your back pocket, or inside your glove compartment in your car. Keep in mind, with its wildly colorful psychedelic top, it loudly and proudly advertises your love affair with the herb.

The Psychedelic Weed Grinder rings in at $8.50.

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Electric Weed Grinder

Not everyone appreciates an electric grinder, but that’s because they haven’t used a well-designed one. This electric weed grinder doesn’t stand out, because it looks almost identical to a Maglite flashlight. It’s a pocket-sized, and very discreet. It also takes all the effort out of grinding your favorite nugs. An excellent investment for the lazy stoner.

With this grinder, you’ll get fine grinds, almost to the point of powder. For $8.99, this is a steal. If you’re into electric grinders, this is the one for you.

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KOBRA Grinders – Pokemon Pokeball Grinder

KOBRA Grinders - Pokemon Pokeball Grinder

This is one for the Pokémon fans out there. Because “nugs are like Pokémon – You gotta smoke ’em all!” With this grinder, you’ll be catching and grinding nugs in no time.

Inside its cartoon inspired exterior, it has grinder and collection chamber, but no pollen collector. However, for some smokers, the aesthetic appeal is worth more than a bit of extra crystal. Makes a great purchase for the stoners in your life who refuse to grow up, and a good conversation starter before a smoker session.

It’s only $11.99 and comes with a 100% Risk-Free purchase. So it’s worth giving it a shot!

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2-in-one Watch with Secret Weed Grinder

2-in-one Watch with Secret Hidden Herb

If you’re a stealth smoker, we’d like to introduce you to the James Bond grinder. It’s a grinder that looks for all intents and purposes, like a watch. Bonus points to the creator, because the watch is fully functional. It’s realistic enough that it can be worn to the office, to school, and even Sunday dinner with the family.

Understandably, it favors slim profile over high production capacity – so don’t expect mountains of grind. A few quick turns of the wrist, though, and you’ll have enough to pack into a bowl or one-hitter.

At only $8.03, this is definitely a cool investment.

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We have a lot more coming. Don’t go away yet 🙂