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Looking to buy a grinder? Here’s a list of the Top 10 grinders on Amazon. All at less than $15!

As every cannabis user knows, there are certain “tools” you need to spark up. Of course, there are the so-called “MacGyver stoners”. They can improvise anything to get the job done. However, the average tokester always has a few tools on hand.

A must-have tool for every stoner is a grinder. Sure, you can always crumble up weed with your hands. But grinders serve many purposes. With a grinder you can collect kief from your weed. This gives you an additional byproduct of from your nugs. Most grinders are also pocket sized. This means you can use it to keep a few bowls on hand.

Some grinders are costly, but none of them are on this list. Here the focus is on cheapness and quality. These are cheap, decent quality grinders you can order on Amazon.

So let’s get started.

DCOU Hand Cranked Premium Grinder

This grinder comes in a gold, silver blue or black finish. It’s best feature is its handle, however. Many grinders requires you to grip the head and use your hand to grind your herb. Here, you simply crank the handle and the grinder does the rest. And with 25 diamond-edged teeth, you get a consistent grind every time. It also has a pollen catcher. So you’ll be collecting kief every time you grind your herbs.

This durable grinder costs only $11.99. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Psychedelic Weed Design Grinder

If you’re looking for something with a bit more cred, this is the baby for you. It’s a standard grinder that works for tobacco, reefer and even kitchen herbs. But honestly – this is for weed, folks!

This grinder comes equipped with three chambers and a pollen catcher. 12 diamond shaped teeth give a decent quality grind. And it’s highly portable. It’s definitely screams “I SMOKE WEED!” So, while it’s portable, it’s not very low-profile.

The Psychedelic Weed Grinder comes in at $7.95.


Psychedelic Weed Design Grinder

iRainy 5 Piece Zinc

The iRainy Zinc comes in a black finish and has 5 components. It has a dual screen, which does a good job of filtering the kief from your buds. This grinder provides a very fine textured end product. So, if you’re rolling joints and need an even grind, this is the piece for you.

At $10.68, this grinder also comes with a “satisfaction guarantee”. A great grinder for the price.

Buddies Aluminum Electric Grinder

The Buddies Aluminum Electric Grinder” will appeal to the ultra-lazy stoner or gadget-geek. I’m not a fan of electric grinders myself. But, this one sparks an interest.

It looks like a Maglite and has a clear chamber for the grinded product. Due to the lack of pollen catchers, it doesn’t collect kief. However, I find that the pollen tends to gather on the chamber wall. So, while you won’t collect pure kief, you’ll get close enough.

With this grinder, you’ll get fine grinds, almost to the point of powder. For $4.51, this is a steal. If you’re into electric grinders, get this one now!

KOBRA Grinders – Pokemon Pokeball Grinder

This is one for the Pokémon fans out there. Because “nugs are like Pokémon – You gotta smoke ’em all!” With this grinder, you’ll be catching nugs in no time.

This is a basic grinder that doesn’t have a kief catcher. It has a grind chamber and that’s that. But it looks cool, which kind of makes up for it. It’s not for your serious stoner, who wants to get the most out of their weed. It’s more a gimmicky-grinder for showing off your love for Pokemon and weed.

It’s only $10.99 and comes with a 100% Risk-Free purchase. So it’s worth giving it a shot!

KOBRA Grinders - Pokemon Pokeball Grinder

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