5. Gelato Strain is A Delicious Anytime Treat

Gelato Cannabis Strain

Gelato is a relatively new player on the West Coast but has quickly gained popularity. It’s a well-balanced hybrid, leaning more towards an indica than a sativa. Usually, it contains higher levels of THC, hovering around 20 percent with some growers supposedly hitting above 27 percent. Because of the potency, new smokers need to be careful when they take a big hit of this deliciously sweet strain.

With a little sativa mixed into its indica properties, the Gelato experience is a much more mellowed experience than a Northern Lights purebred will deliver. This means, that while it is great for reducing anxiety and promoting total body relaxation, you can still hold a sensical conversation.

The strain tastes woodsy, fruity, and mildly like orange. It pulls thick and smooth, which makes it a lovely smoking experience. If you haven’t already tried this 5th most popular strain, as determined by Google, it’s worth a shot the next time you make an order.

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4. Skywalker Is One for the Books

Skywalker OG Cannabis Strain

Skywalker comes in many, many varieties. From Skywalker OG to Skywalker Kush to a little-known strain called Skywalker Alien. The original strain, Skywalker, is very clearly a consumer favorite just by the number of children it has spawned. It is a 50:50 hybrid, between two other combinations: Mazar x Blueberry OG.

If you need a milder high than some of the other strains in the list, look no further than Skywalker the original. It usually measures only 13 percent THC. At this level, you’ll still reap the benefits but won’t get knocked to the floor. It also contains measurable levels of both CBD and CBN, one percent of each. The most commonly reported experience is one of anxiety relief, mood boosting, and relaxation. The taste is pungent, but still lightly sweet on the tongue.

Although Skywalker may not be the best choice for chronic pain, it is going hit all the right notes for mild daily aches and muscle soreness. Patients find it useful for the treatment of symptoms related to fibromyalgia and chemotherapy treatment.

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3. Blue Dream Is An All-Time Favorite

Blue Dream Cannabis Strain

What do you get when you combine the fan favorites a sativa Haze and a Blueberry indica? All-time stoner favorite, the Blue Dream. It keeps the delicious berry-flavors of the indica but mellows out the effects with a sativa. Its ability to swiftly target pain, inflammation and other daily health issues makes it a favorite strain for daytime use among medical marijuana patients.

The sweet, blueberry smoke of the Blue Dream flower isn’t an overpowering high. Instead expect a gentle uplift, going into euphoria. Its 17 to 24 percent THC is mellowed out by two percent CBD, and one percent CBN. The CBD helps to reduce the sometimes negative experiences people have with high levels of THC. The CBN lends desirable medicinal properties to the flower.

Some of the most common therapeutic applications include Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), mild to moderate cases of depression, and insomnia due to stress. If you smoke Blue Dream, it’s hard not to be happy which is why it continually sits high on best strain lists.

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2. Girl Scout Cookies, An Award Winning Strain

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain

If there is one strain which has maintained a constant buzz over the last couple of years, it is Girl Scout Cookies. Also affectionately referred to as GSC. It’s another strain with many famous offspring, including Platinum GSC and Thin Mint GSC. Girl Scout Cookies as a cannabis strain now figures prominently in popular culture and many hip hop verses. The original strain is a perfect blend between a Durban Poison and OG Kush.

The excellence of Girl Scout Cookies has gained recognition beyond just what the Google search results tell us. Its won many a Cannabis Cup over the last few years. The people, and the experts both agree on its happy, uplifting and euphoric effects. On average it contains around 24 percent THC, and one percent CBD. It also tests high for caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene terpenes.

Just like with the more innocent girl scout cookies, sold by young ladies across America, this adult-only version is hard to resist. It’s excellent for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and stress.

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One strain left. Do you already know which strain is the most famous cannabis strain at the moment?