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Tommy Chong Critiques Canadian Weed Legalization – A Closer Look

Tommy Chong, the celebrated comedian, recently made headlines when he critiqued Canada’s approach to cannabis legalization. During his visit to Toronto, the legendary stoner icon shared his views, garnering attention from media outlets.

Chong in Toronto: A Candid Talk

Chong was in Toronto last week, filming a cameo in CBC TV’s “Air Farce New Year’s Eve,” set to premiere on Dec. 31. He shared his thoughts openly about his love for comedic performance, saying, “I’m just a Tommy Chong. I’m a comedian.”

Canada’s Weed Legalization: Chong’s View

A part of Chong’s Toronto dialogue revolved around Canada’s move to legalize recreational cannabis in October. As an advocate for cannabis use, he praised the country for taking the first step towards removing stigmas associated with the substance.

However, Chong didn’t hold back from critiquing the method of legalization. He pointed out the government’s monopoly over the cannabis supply, an approach he believes won’t work effectively. According to Chong, this system keeps the underground market for cannabis alive and vibrant.

Tommy Chong’s Future Plans for Cannabis Company

Despite his criticisms, Chong’s passion for cannabis doesn’t waver. He revealed that he’s waiting for the “dust to settle” before launching his cannabis company, Chong’s Choice, in Canada. Meanwhile, he’s also planning expansions to Germany, Ecuador, and Brazil.

He shared his optimism for a future where cannabis plays a significant role in the global economy, which he believes could help mitigate conflicts in developing countries.

The Origins of Chong’s Cannabis Advocacy

Chong’s advocacy for cannabis has deep roots. He reminisced about his early days in Calgary, where he first became a pot enthusiast in 1957. This event marked a significant turn in his life, leading him to pursue a music career and later, improv comedy.

Will There Be Another Cheech & Chong Film?

With cannabis on the minds of many these days, Chong was asked about the possibility of another “Cheech & Chong” film. While he admitted that there have been a few attempts, Chong does not believe he can recreate the energetic performances of his past. Despite this, he remains a central figure in the cannabis community and an advocate for its benefits.

In summary, while Tommy Chong praises Canada for legalizing weed, he believes that the country’s approach to regulating the market could be improved. Meanwhile, he remains optimistic about the future of the cannabis industry and his role in it.

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