Is Toking Weed Resin Bad for You? Let's Take A Look At The Facts
Cannabis resin next to a cannabis pipe

Is Smoking Weed Resin Bad for You?

To smoke or not to smoke? That is the question many ask about weed resin.

They might not like to admit it, but many have smoked weed resin on occasion. You’ve run out of bud, smoked all your roaches, and you’re dying for a buzz, but your stash is dry. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. And this is where weed resin comes in.

What Is Weed Resin?

Weed resin is the caked-on leftovers that show up in your pipe after multiple uses. It’s the tar-like substance that sometimes sticks to your lips when you smoke a joint. The stuff that sometimes clogs up your pipe. It’s the plant’s defense mechanism. It’s the response to being broken up and heated. Some strains produce more resin than others.

Is It Safe To Smoke Weed Resin?

In short, yes. You can smoke resin. And it will get you high. But it’s not all that good for your health. The resin is essentially tar. And, and as we know, tar is NOT good for you. It’s one of the most harmful by-products of inhaled substances.

Despite this, taking a little hoot off the resin won’t kill you. The THC will already have been activated through the initial smoke. So it won’t be as strong. But you might need to smoke quite a bit of resin to feel your accustomed high.

A resin-high may feel a little different than your initial flower high. But make no mistake – if you’re in a buzz-needing bind, the resin will scratch your itch.

How Can You Smoke Your Resin?

There are a couple of ways to smoke your resin. Some methods are messier than others.

Take a few tokes off your pipe, use your lighter to heat them up, then pull on the smoke.

Or use a bobby pin or similar to scrape the resin off your pipe. It helps if you hold a lighter over the pipe to soften things up. The aim is to get a nice little “resin ball” you can put in your pipe and smoke.

Remember That It’s Kind Of Gross

Yes, smoking resin is possible. But yes, smoking resin is also kind of gross. And it’s not beneficial for your health.

As we said, desperate times call for desperate measures. Sometimes you just have to go there. It’s better to get a good handle on your stash, so you don’t have to smoke your resin too often.

Here’s a short clip of how you can scrape your weed resin if you don’t have any other options to medicate.