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The World’s Most Potent Edible Contains Enough THC To Get 5,000 People High

The “super-sized THC candy,” produced by medical cannabis manufacturer Good Day Farm, weighs 135 pounds and contains 100,000 mg of THC. Unless you have a solid tolerance, this gummy could get 5,000 people high (20mg per person)

The product was developed as part of the business’ expansion into Missouri. The manufacturer claims this is the “biggest gummy treat in the world.”

According to the Riverfront Times, the 2-foot-wide sweet has a sour apple flavor to it. The 850-pound “world’s largest” cannabis-infused brownie from December served as its inspiration.

“We decided that it would be a pretty cool idea to try to make the biggest infused gummy,” Good Day Farm Head Chef Peter Sturdevant told the news site. “It was really a nice way to give all of our new employees in the medical cannabis industry, and in my kitchen, something fun to do.”

In a news release on February 10, Good Day Farm disclosed plans for a new 106,000-square-foot cultivation facility near Columbia. Also, the dispensary intends to establish four retail shops in Missouri to sell its “best-selling THC-infused gummy collection” and other goods.

“We’re thrilled to offer Missourians a taste of the most flavorful gummies in the South. There’s no better way to demonstrate our super-sized commitment to the Show Me State than with a super-sized gummy,” Chief Marketing Officer Laurie Gregory said in a statement.

The gummy will remain at the Columbia factory permanently, “helping to inspire the Company’s employees to strive for innovation daily,” according to the news release. By late summer, according to Good Day Farm, 250 new employment will have been established in Missouri.

If you want to make your own thc gummies at home, check out our recipe.


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