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The Best Weed Shirts for 2021

Today and now more than ever, marijuana legalization has led to a surge of cannabis connoisseurs supporting their love of marijuana in all forms. One of the most common ways weed lovers show joy for this succulent plant is by celebrating all its wonders through dank weed shirts and apparel.

So in this article, we’ll look over some of the best weed shirts for 2021.

The Green Lungs Stoner T-Shirt

Any weed lover thrives at showcasing their dense and fluffy buds. The mighty green lungs stoner T-shirt showcases two dense and juicy nugs shaped in the form of lungs. It’s a simple idea perfect for a weed lover who doesn’t want something bold and noticeable. So why not make a statement by showcasing a weed shirt with a minimal yet stylish design.

Weed Clothing for Women Aka All the Ganga Loving Mum’s 

Are you a mum who loves a good blunt now and then? Being a mum is hard work, so having an occasional smoke can be exhilarating and relaxing. Stoner Merch created weed clothing to support all our weed-loving mums out there. Titled “Mom’s Who Smoke Weed Are Not Bad Mom’s” helps break the stigma of shaming mothers who indulge in a bit of marijuana now and then. This weed shirt is made from cotton and comes in a variety of neutral and pastel colors, so there’s going to be one you’ll adore.

And Weed Clothing for Women Just Get’s Better with A Unicorn High

Unicorn Smoking Weed Shirt

Edibles or vaping, whatever your weapon of choice, there’s no doubt about it. People love marijuana not just for its flavor but mainly for the effects it elicits. Depending on the strain you choose, a high can either be cerebral or a deep body buzz. In honor of showcasing cannabis strains that produce the most creative and cerebral high, Stoner Merch created the Unicorn weed shirt, which features a dank rosy pink unicorn smoking the casual blunt. It’s a simple design that comes in quite a few neutral colors. Although it has a unicorn, it is gender-neutral and can be worn by anyone. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, we don’t know what will!

The Best Marijuana Clothing with a Political Statement

Cannabis is safer than the police t shirt

In many parts of the world, the legalization of cannabis is still a very controversial topic. More recently, this controversial topic seems to have taken over most of the USA, with many state citizens pushing to legalize cannabis in their state. Many young and old Americans favor legalizing recreational marijuana as they believe it does better than harm in this world. And it’s to no surprise. A good joint can bring even strangers to discovering a new friendship.

Recently, the US police force seems to come under fire for their brutal and sometimes unnecessary force. So Stoner Merch created a weed shirt that juxtaposes two controversial topics to show its irony. Titled ” Cannabis is Safer than the Police,” this simplistic form of marijuana clothing allows you to make a coy statement that will undoubtedly turn heads. It’s 100% cotton, comes in a range of neutral colors, and is comfortable to wear, perfect for any weed supporter. 

Funny Marijuana Shirts: For a High that Gives you the Giggles

A little bit of pot can do wonders to the soul. The high often elicited by marijuana can lead to an elevated state of mind. Some cannabis strains can make you feel relaxed and calm, while others can bring on bouts of euphoria and laughter. Today many strains are genetically bred to contain an array of terpenes and cannabinoids (i.e., CBD), which can have many benefits like uplifting one’s mood or alleviating mild pain. So, if you’re looking for funny marijuana shirts, then look no further. Titled “Things that Make Me Happy,” this stoner shirt falls on our list of best weed shirts for 2021 because it celebrates the joy and happiness marijuana brings to people far and wide. This marijuana apparel is 100% cotton, unisex, and neutral colors such as black, forest green, navy, and chocolate.

Stoner Clothes that Stand Out: The Marijuana T-shirt that’ll make your feel Lucky!

Clover Super Lucky Weed Shirt

If there’s one thing any stoner knows, it’s that smoking some pot can lead to surges of confidence and euphoria that make you feel crazy lucky. If you’re looking for some cool weed shirts, then this is the ideal marijuana t-shirt for you. It features the iconic marijuana leaf juxtaposed with a three-leaf and four-leaf clover. Of course, we all know which of the three “leaves” is true the bringer of luck. Like similar marijuana shirts featured on Stoner Merch, this stoner shirt is 100% cotton, unisex, and comes in various colors.

Keeping 420 Shirts OG!

420 t shirt

Stoner clothes come with all sorts of designs, most of which either make a statement or entice some good old humor. But if you’re a cannabis lover who wants something a little more classic, then why not wear 420 shirts with a simple design. The 420 shirt features a simple design of hands, symbolizing 420. This 420 shirt can come in a range of colors fit for any gender. It’s the ideal gift for stoners who love to keep things to a minimum. 

Corona Related Marijuana ClothingMy Cough is From Smoking Weed, not the corona virus shirt

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has defined the entire year 2020 and 2021. This funny marijuana shirt is to end the year 2021 with a bang! This marijuana clothing features a distinctive slogan encased in gold writing titled “My Cough is from Smoking Weed, Not the Coronavirus,” which summarizes what most pot lovers may have felt like saying after smoking a blunt. It’s a sophisticated shirt with subtle and dark humor behind it. Although 2020 has now come to an end, this unique marijuana clothing item can add to your stoner apparel.

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