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The Best Hemp Cones For Sale in 2022

As many new smokers enter the market, pre-roll cones continue to grow in popularity. Due to the ongoing surge in demand for new and innovative, all-natural smoking alternatives, quality manufacturing companies are stepping up to the plate to meet the needs of the market.

Rose petal and hemp cones for sale at King Palm keep expanding their collection of attractive and savory options to help you save time and make less of a mess when it comes time to roll up. Pre-rolled cones make it easy to JUST PACK IT with your favorite smoking material to quickly light up and enjoy in a hurry. This smoke shop is also branching out and engineering new smoking accessories for the daily smoker.

Today, we’ll discover the best hemp cones available on today’s market from an industry leader serving the needs of everyday smokers, as well as larger producers and manufacturers.

Watch Out for Raw Cones Because King Palm Flavored Hemp Cones Are Amazing

New and seasoned cannabis smokers using our hemp cones are reporting that it’s the best they’ve ever had!

This manufacturer provides easy access to an enormous selection of cone-size options and flavors using our exciting squeeze and pop (terpene infused) flavor tips technology that comes pre-installed with every pouch.

What users are finding they enjoy the most with the recently launched flavored hemp cones are the delicious flavors on demand and the incredible smoothness you experience with each hit.

Sizing options for hemp cones now available are the 1 ¼ inch Lion Tamer and the King Size Dragon Slayer for the heavy smoker requiring a bit extra. Also perfect for satisfying smoke circles filled with many heavy-hitting inhalers.

Current flavor options include. 

  • Banana Foster 
  • Grape Swish
  • Lil Lemon
  • Natural
  • California Cream
  • Honey Berry
  • Money Mango
  • Watermelon Diesel

Every hit you take is just as smooth and tasty as the last due to their hyper-focus on designing the highest possible quality pre-roll cone possible.

Enjoy being blown away with the zero cough smoothness from a reasonably priced slow-burning natural hemp burn session.

Not only will you experience a fun surge of flavor with every hit, it’s important to note the flavors aren’t too overpowering but perfectly balanced to deliver the best flavor experience.

Why Do Hemp Cones Hit So Smooth?

What makes each hemp cone deliver a rich, smooth, and savory adventure starts at the farm with how the hemp was cultivated.

First and foremost, American-grown hemp used in production has superior natural fresh qualities due to the close physical proximities the farms have near the processing plant.

Hemp that has to travel from another country across the ocean has to spend a lot of time sitting in a container while losing a bit of its freshness with every extra second it has to spend on transport.

This natural pre-roll cones company has partnered with U.S. hemp farmers using organic growing techniques that don’t use any pesticides, herbicides, or any other harmful chemicals throughout any stage of production.

Through top-notch sustainable cultivation practices, the hemp used adds to the effortless mellow sensations you’ll definitely notice with each inhale.

Real Rose Petal Cones

Rose petal pre-roll cones from real roses that are 100% natural bring a boost of life and vibrancy from their elegant colors and sweet-smelling sensations.

Add something new to your smoke session with these fresh organically grown roses for a rare experience.

If you’re looking to add a unique adventure, these are an aesthetically pleasing option to add some fun to your night.

Color options of rose petal ones.

  1. Pink
  2. Gold
  3. Purple
  4. Plus lotus cones and tubes (limited edition)

All rose petal cones are available in their King size, measuring 109 mm in length while being able to hold up to one gram of dry herb.

Each pack comes with three rose cones to keep the smoke circle going to satisfy individual smoke sessions are small gatherings of up to three people.

After handpicking the most attractive petals, the company dehydrates and stores them in humidity-controlled boxes. Once the rose is properly clean, they go through a state-of-the-art processing facility to individually roll each cone for a clean, fresh, and elevated smoking session.

These rose cones are the best option available in terms of price and quality.

Every product made by the company utilizes eco-friendly means and contains no artificial chemicals for an enhanced sustainable slow burn loved by all types of smokers.

King Palm aims for environmental sustainability in all products to guarantee the top grade quality for users and Mother Earth.

Bulk Pre-rolled cones

Discover first-in-class quality bulk pre-rolled cones with manufacturers and processors in mind, including hemp and their famous palm leaf tubes.

Their entire inventory of bulk pre-rolled cones comes in all standard sizes with quantities ranging from as low as 80 rolls for the XXL and as much as 1080 for the slim roll size.

Whether you’re a co-packer, processor, dispensary, or a cost-effective smoker looking to stock up on bulk pre-rolled cones, this company is set up to deliver a reliable supply of any sized order.

When investing in a bulk supply of pre-rolled cones, every effort is made to maintain consistent quality. The development of bulk options allows the company to guarantee that all pre-roll cones maintain their structural integrity to facilitate high volume output.

Hemp cone bulk 400-count box flavor options that are available to ship now include Banana Foster and Grape Swish.

The bulk cones are top-tier grade that comes with humidity control to keep your products staying fresh with every order.

All products are thoroughly tested and quality to verify you’re receiving a sustainable bulk supply you can depend on for all your large-scale production needs.

Best Wholesale for Smoke Shops and Head Shops 

Now offering a deep product inventory of display boxes for head shops, smoke shops, dispensaries, street vendors, and much more.

The company’s display box product inventory features the most popular sizes and flavors of pre-rolled cones and tubes ready to showcase to your most valuable customers.

With a total of six different pre-rolled cone sizes ranging from the 0.5 gram Rollie all the way up to the XXL holding a hefty five grams, King Palm’s wholesale catalog has something for everyone.

Display boxes with wholesale pricing include the all-natural organic corn husk filters that are a luxury add-on that’s best for joints and blunts to help you roll the perfect joint, as well as providing built-in cooling effects to prevent you from burning yourself when you’re near the end of your smoke. 

The corn husk filters are also an eco-friendly solution as an alternative to the other non-biodegradable paper or glass filters commonly used in rolling joints.

Wholesale flavors and unique options.

  • Watermelon Wave
  • Magic Mint
  • Berry Terps
  • Banana Cream
  • Margarita
  • Lemon Haze
  • Fruit Passion
  • Grape HD
  • Green Apple
  • Guava The Great
  • Rose Cones (purple, pink, and gold)
  • Gold Roll (Luxury Vanilla Creme)
  • Blueberry Burst
  • Banana Rama
  • Mango Maui
  • Lemon Loud
  • Russian Cream

In addition to tubes and cones, the manufacturer also provides wholesale bamboo packing sticks, mini funnels, hemp wicks, corn husk filters, and always more to come.

In the effort of keeping up with the market’s demands for consistent quality, slow-burning all-natural smoking equipment, this pre-roll cones company was rated as the 2022 Best Online Smoke Shop.

Smoking Accessories

Anything you need to make your smoking session that much more comfortable, convenient, or of higher premium quality, this company has something for you.

By keeping a pulse on the market demands through ongoing feedback from actual customers, they’re able to keep bringing you the best there is when it comes to high-caliber smoking accessories to fill every need.

Not only do they offer your standard weed grinders, ashtrays, holders, and fun lighters, but they’re also offering mystery boxes, all-natural blunt glue, concentrate containers, humidity control packets, and much more.

With over 100 smoking accessory items to choose from in their online smoke shop, there’s something for everyone to explore and expand their ability to improve their smoking session.

Smoking accessories are ideal for you to optimally handle cannabis flower from storage, scales for weighing, grinding, rolling tray, packing into tubes and cones, and extinguishing in fun ashtrays.

Final Thoughts

The King Palm smoke shop continues raising the bar by offering an enormous selection of smoke products ranging from pre-rolled cones to smoking accessories.

Everything you need is located at this one-stop-shop online or locally for all your individual smoking needs.

Whether you only need a few hemp cones or a consistent large bulk order for your manufacturing plant, this smoke shop is ready to ship directly to you.

Their five-star rating affirms their popularity as a premium brand serving all your smoking needs.

As their reputation continues to grow, the company will continue expanding operations by listening to the demands of its audience to help guide them towards what product sizing, flavors, and other smoke accessories the market may need for complete satisfaction.

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