The Alpaca Grinder – Grind & Dispense in Seconds

January 25, 2017
The Alpaca Grinder – Grind & Dispense in Seconds


One of the most common staples in any Stoner’s Tool Kit is the grinder. This handy little device allows the user to turn their dense nuglets of delight into well ground bong food. It isn’t necessary to have one but they sure are handy even if one is just an occasional smoker.

Grind & Dispense in Seconds

The one and only

The biggest issue with grinders is product removal. Ya know, getting the goods out without making a mess. (I consider it drug abuse to spill the green.) Handy as the grinder may be, it is also a hassle. I don’t know how many times I have almost dumped my goods out while trying to put them in the paper, wrap, or bowl I am about to use.

With most grinders, the product is placed in one end, ground, and then removed by either dumping or pinching out the ground goods. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it does tend to be less than efficient. Sticky fingers and dropped scriplets can be a buzz kill.

Enter the ALPACA GRINDER… my new best friend.

This handy, dandy device takes all the hassle out of grinding the goods! Stuff goes in one end and comes out where you want it!

“Simply put the herb in and start twisting…”

Be aware of..

Please be aware that once you start twisting, your goods will be coming out the bottom, twist wisely if the cap is off! Position the Alpaca so as to catch your grindings in a bowl or wrap, as desired. The dispensing port is small enough to load directly into a bowl or pipe, or anything in which you want to put your ground goods.

The patent pending dispensing system uses a double helix screw that twists as the grinder is rotated. Grinding and dispensing in one easy motion without the worry of unexpected waste. Grind and dispense in under ten (10) seconds! That is just amazing.

You can grind almost everything..

It isn’t just for nuglets, though! Anything you want to grind can be taken on by this little gem. From fresh garden herbs and spices to raw broccoli and other greens, this is truly an all purpose grinder made from high quality products. Compared to other standard grinders, the Alpaca is easier to use, virtually putting an end to messes. It is faster, more portable than traditional grinders. Less mess and doesn’t reduce potency!

Backed with a lifetime warranty, the Alpaca is the last grinder you will ever want or have to buy. This brilliant device is made right here in the USA from aircraft aluminum and premium materials. Razor sharp teeth make grinding easy and hassle free. Built to last, this grinder has a stylish design that is easy to use and will make smoking even more enjoyable. The stick-proof coating prevents build-up and the pocket-friendly cap seals it tight.

Nice to know..

For a limited time, a 30% discount is being offered. Hurry and get the last grinder you will ever want or need!
Grab one quick! This is an excellent gift idea for any smoker, from novice to pro!

Get your Alpaca Grinder here.



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