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Sensi Star Strain

Sensi Star

Type Hybrid
Yield 250 - 400 g/m²
Lineage Afghani Landrace
Flavor Sweet
Effects Stress

General info

Sensi Star is a deeply indica strain with unknown and mysterious roots. It’s also a winner of multiple and numerous cannabis cups all over the world, known for it incredibly high THC levels, plant beauty, and knock-out effects.

This is a very heady strain, capable of sending the user on a dreamy and euphoric journey through a maze of deep relaxation and peace. It can be used in the daytime, but be careful! You might find yourself staring off into space while sipping your coffee and missing everything your friend is trying to tell you!

Strong and powerful, Sensi Star is a must-try for any canna connoisseur.

Grow info

Sensi Star is a compact plant that grows to be a bushy plant, full of branches and, ultimately, covered in buds. It is a relatively hardy plant that is heat tolerant and disease resistant.

Because it is a shorter variety. Pay particular attention to the amount of light that reaches the inside of the plant. Be sure to trim larger leaves if necessary to ensure adequate light and air circulation.

Also, because it like to grow low and wide, the SCROG, or Screen of Green growing technique is recommended method of growing, since it allows the plant room to grow and develop multiple konas, rather than only a few at the top.

When on the plant, expect compact and very dense konas and plentiful flowers everywhere on the branches. When in flower, the buds will be bright green with orange colored hair and a high trichome production, leaving the plant completely covered in sticky white resin. In fact, its high trichome levels are what makes this plant the hard-hitting superstar it is!

Once harvested and cured, the bright green deepens into a darker hue and the orange hair changes to amber. As it cures, its smell will develop from sweet to earthy, with a hint of pine.

Flowering Time – 56 to 63 days
Indoor yield – 10 to 13 ounces/sq. meter
Outdoor – 12 to 14 ounces/plant
THC – 20% to 26%
CBD – 0.17% to 0.20%
Sativa/Indica – 20%/80%

Experienced growers love Sensi Star and know that it is a wonderful strain to grow if you are looking for compact and bushy plants with moderate yields of very high levels of THC. Growing indoors is wonderful because their size allows for more plants per square meter. Growing outdoors is great too because of Sensi Star’s heartiness and ability to grow in a variety of climates.

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7-9 weeks
10-12 weeks
12+ weeks
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250 - 400 g/m²
400 - 500 g/m²
500+ g/m²









Tested on 1/27/2016 by Analytical360 in Washington, Sensi Star had 20.19% THC and 0.24% CBD levels. Activated totals were 2.37% and CBG levels were 0.81%. Terpene levels were 1.92%, with high concentrations of Humulene (1.30%) and Terpinolene.


Do you have worries, cares, or troubles that you just can’t seem to shake? Sensi Star will take all of that away. Do you feel a little soreness in your muscles or a tightness in your head? Sensi Star to the rescue!

With just a small amount of this powerful indica, your brain will feel soft and smooth, like you are riding on waves of sound and color. Euphoric feelings are very common, as are feelings of extreme calm and relaxation.

Many users report that they only need a small amount of this canna industry darling to help them feel more comfortable and social. When larger quantities are consumed, expect Sensi Star to deliver a more sedative effect, dropping a user onto the couch and keeping them there.

Make no mistake, with THC levels of up to 26%, this is a powerful strain. Novice users should start small and work their way up once they are comfortable with the experience. Even the most experienced users know that Sensi Star is a delicious and potent treat that should be enjoyed with care.

If you are looking for a simple and tasty way to brush off the day, grab some Sensi Star and your favorite snack and get ready for a cloud to contentment to wrap itself around you and take it all away.

Medically speaking, Sensi Star is a better pain reliever than many of the over-the-counter medicines on the market today.

It attacks the pain, anxiety, or stress quickly and with great force, practically eliminating any negative feelings, either in the mind or body. Initially Sensi Star delivers a cerebral high that some find strong at first but evolves into a comfortable and peaceful steady feeling of calm and euphoria.

Even those who live with chronic pain and extreme anxiety or stress report great success with Sensi Star, noting that their pain and worry simply drifted away from them, even with a small amount of this dank indica.

Positivity abounds when using Sensi Star, which is why it is a wonderful kind of medicine for those who experience anxiety and depression. Users say that it lifts them up and makes them feel happy and worry-free, like all of their cares disappeared. Many say that it makes them feel much more apt to be social and interact with ease.

Sensi Star is a go-to strain for medical cannabis users who need a higher and stronger level of treatment, as well as for those who simply wish to let go of the problems and worry of the day.

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