Romulan - International Highlife


Type Indica
Yield 250 - 400 g/m²
Lineage Thai
Flavor Sweet
Effects Stress

General info

Named after a humanoid/alien race in the science fiction favorite, Star Trek, Romulan is an indica-dominant strain that warps your brain and makes you feel like you are lost in space, floating somewhere between Earth and the rest of the galaxy. Some say the name implies that this strain is so strong that it can rearrange the way your face looks, leaving you with Romulan features!

Many users noted that Romulan offers heavily sedating, mind-altering, and almost narcotic effects, leaving you feeling so relaxed, some might question whether you’ve had too much to drink!

Well-loved in the medical cannabis community because of its extremely high indica levels, Romulan is a go-to for those who need to calm down and take some time to rest and recharge. This strain is therapeutic, offering a heavy sense of calm, ease, and peace.

If you are looking for the ultimate in pain, stress, or anxiety relief, you’ve found your match in this heady, almost 100% indica strain.

Grow info

True to its indica nature, Romulan prefers a warm environment with as little moisture as possible. It is resistant to disease and molds/mildews, but does have a tendency to act up if conditions are not perfect.

It tends to grow into a very bushy plant, with a thick stalk and numerous lanky branches, so proper fertilizers as well as extra organic matter such as silica helps it stay strong and able to support the weight of its flowers.

During its flowering cycle, Romulan gives off a very distinctive aroma that some describe as a musky sweetness. The aroma is noticeable when grown outside and very prominent when grown indoors. Many indoor cultivators recommend a good air filtration system so that the smell isn’t too overpowering. Hints of pine and wood permeate the bud, with and underlying scent of green tea and berries. Overall, Romulan gives off a very unique smell that cannot be ignored.

Romulan is not a very heavy producer, but the buds this is does produce are dense and absolutely gorgeous. When harvested and cured, the buds are deep green with a thick coating of amber colored hair and so many trichomes that each bud looks like it is covered in ice. When properly trimmed, these buds are truly a sight to behold.

Flowering Time – 56 to 63 days
Indoor yield – 8 to 10 ounces/sq. meter
Outdoor – 7 to 9 ounces/plant
THC – 19% to 24%
CBD – 0.8% to 1.00%
Sativa/Indica – 0%/100%

If you love the smell of musky and earthy cannabis that permeates the room, offering a deep and luxurious finish when harvested and cured, Romulan is the plant for you.

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7-9 weeks
10-12 weeks
12+ weeks
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250 - 400 g/m²
400 - 500 g/m²
500+ g/m²









1. Tested on 11/20/2015 by Analytical 360 in Washington, Romulan had 20.81% THC and 0.07% CBD totals. Cannabinoid activated totals were 0.94%. THC-A totals were 23.21%

2. Tested on 11/20/2016 by CB Labs in California, Romulan had 22.38% THC and 0.17% CBD totals. Total cannabinoid level was 23.70%. Terpenes levels were 15.54%, with primary concentrations of Pinene and Caryophyllene.


Make no mistake; Romulan does not mess about or leave you wondering when it’s going to hit. This indica darling will drop you onto the couch and leave you there, locking you into deep and utter relaxation. Couch lock is real and will occur when you partake in this heady treat, so treat this strain with care and she will treat you well.

Don’t use this when you have a lot to do or if you have any social plans. Instead, this is more of a “Netflix and chill” kind of experience, with your favorite munchies and some friends who want to feel the same by your side.

With THC levels of up to 24%, Romulan is a whopper. Prepare to be dazzled by its delicious aroma, its unique flavor, and its overwhelming effects.

Ready, set, RELAX!

Romulan is a staple for many people who live with chronic pain, stress, depression, gastrointestinal issues, insomnia, or anxiety. It offers the user long lasting feelings of calm, peace, and ease and works with the body to alleviate pain and anxiety that sits in the base of the pituitary gland and travels through the body.

Romulan acts like a tonic to the nervous system, soothing it and offering temporary relief to medicinal users who often resort to prescription or over the counter medicine.

With just a small amount of this indica heavy-hitter, the user will instantly relax, feeling the effects begin in the head and move down the body until it reaches the toes. Many users report feelings of immediate calm that feels almost euphoric and “spacey”, allowing them to ease into a state of complete stillness and peace.

Overall, this is a go-to strain for many medicinal users in North America.

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