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Purple Urkle Strain

Purple Urkle

Type Hybrid
Yield 250 - 400 g/m²
Lineage Granddaddy Purple
Flavor Flowery
Effects Stress

General info

Although Purple Urkle is a well-balanced ratio of sativa to indica, its powerful and sometimes almost tranquilizing effects make it an indica-lover’s dream.

First found on the scene in Northern California, Purple Urkle instantly gained recognition as being a cure-all for many who were seeking a remedy for whatever pain they felt. Due to its potency and power, Purple Urkle is perfect for a quiet evening at home, a right before sleep smoke, or a late night session.

Get ready to be dazzled by the rich purple color of the sticky and beautiful buds. And then, be prepared to be wowed by the rich, deep flavor and aroma of this award-winning smoke. If you are a canna lover who loves indica strains, Purple Urkle will knock your socks off and leave you feeling calm, cool, and content.

Grow info

Purple Urkle is a strain that is a little bit more difficult to grow and should be cultivated by more experienced growers who understand the importance of proper fertilization and nutrient consumption. Purple Urkle also tends to be a bit picky about its choice of nutrients, so make sure to do some research to know what you are getting into before planting.

This is a slow growing plant and must be properly maintained and fed during its vegetative cycle to guarantee heavy trichomes and consistent yields. Flowering periods outdoors could be as long as five months, so being prepared and able to continually maintain and feed these purple beauties.

The micro-climate is very important to Purple Urkle, so many cultivators tend to prefer growing this strain indoors, where they can easily apply techniques such as the SCROG, or even hydroponic growing that will increase yield.

Purple Urkle is a medium to tall plant in size, and ranges in height anywhere from three to six feet, depending upon conditions. Outdoor growing offers the space for height, while indoor growing offers more control of the environment. The choice ultimately lies with the cultivator.

While on the plant, the buds are extremely fragrant, purple, and full of milky white trichomes and bright orange hair that when harvested and cured, turns a rich amber color. The rich purple color remains after curing, resulting in a thing of true beauty, renowned all over the world.

Purple Urkle is a delicious, sweet and earthy smelling strain that lingers on the tongue and, once inhaled, tastes of grapes and other fruity flavors. In addition to that, Purple Urkle is a very skunk-like strain, easily recognizable by its rich and luxurious smoke.

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7-9 weeks
10-12 weeks
12+ weeks
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250 - 400 g/m²
400 - 500 g/m²
500+ g/m²









Tested on 6/4/2016 by Analytical360 in Washington, Purple Urkle had 20.35% THC and 0.16% CBD totals. Activated totals were 6.19% and CBG totals were 0.27%

Tested on 11/20/2017 by CB Labs in California, Purple Urkle had 20.57% THC and 0.09% CBD totals. Total cannabinoids were 21.11%, and CBG totals were 0.05%. Terpene totals were 6.84%, with primary concentrations of Limonene (2.44%), Caryophyllene (1.35%), and Myrcene (1.24%)


Although a fairly balanced ratio of sativa to indica, it’s the indica that stands out in Purple Urkle. If you’ve had a long and hectic day and just want to shake all of that off, Purple Urkle is your girl for all things mellow and calm. What will follow is a peaceful and happy experience, marked by periods of intense relaxation that some would call couch lock.

In between those moments of couch lock, a buzz of euphoria is present in the brain, while the body looses all of its tension and stress and floats about on a hazy cloud.

Novice canna users should be careful when they imbibe Purple Urkle and take it slowly. Never doubt that a specific strain is strong enough in some cases to be too powerful, so it’s best to start slowly and move on as the effects reveal themselves.

Purple Urkle is known to bring about a heavy case of the munchies, so grab a snack before you get to the couch; you’re going to need it!

Purple Urkle is a beautiful canna specimen with international accolades and much respect given to it. If you need soothing, relief, or a break from the world, reach for this purple pleasure.

Purple Urkle is another indica that has multi-purpose properties. It helps relieve a number of conditions, such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, and even nausea.

Users who suffer from chronic pain such as muscle spasms and joint pain report immediate and long-lasting relief from only small amounts of this strong strain.

Those who live with depression or other mood disorders are often prescribed Purple Urkle because all negative thoughts tend to slip away, making it easier for the patient to feel calm, rational, and peaceful.

People who suffer from insomnia often choose Purple Urkle because it makes sleep possible and, often, very restful. Many users report that when smoked just before bed, they fell asleep easier and faster and stayed in bed all night long, allowing their bodies to feel more rested and healthy when they wake up.

Overall, Purple Urkle is a magical balm for many conditions and should be treated as such. It is very potent, with THC levels of up to 30%, so be warned. Novices should start small until they understand the full effects of this strain.

Once, the calm sets in, you’ll be glad that you did.

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