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Platinum Kush

Type Hybrid
Yield 500+ g/m²
Lineage Master Kush
Flavor Sweet
Effects Stress

General info

This hard-hitting indica strain never leaves you hanging or wishing that it was just a little stronger.

In fact, Platinum Kush is one of those strains that even the more seasoned canna lovers appreciate for its highly sedative properties and its ability to take away the pain, leaving you feeling like you are floating on a cloud of ultra relaxation.

Platinum Kush is well known and loved by recreational and medicinal users for it multi-purpose effects, most notably its elimination of stress, worry, and pain. Prized for its higher than usual THC and CDB levels as well as its large yields, this sweet-smelling kush hybrid is a go-to for anyone who is ready to let it all go for awhile.

Grow info

Platinum Kush takes its name from the silvery sheen on its buds, due to an overwhelming amount of trichomes that appear, covering the buds as well as the leaves with an icy coating.

This indica grows to be a medium-sized plant that is compact and bushy. In fact, regular trimming of the fan leaves is necessary to ensure proper air circulation and light penetration.

Because this strain grows into a bushy plant, adding silica into the fertilization routine during its vegetative stage is a good idea to help with stalk strength so that they can accommodate the weight of the buds as they mature.

If growing outdoors, Platinum Kush prefers a warm and dry climate. Because of its growing habits, this plant needs to be tended on a regular basis and irrigated as much as possible, to keep moisture levels low.

If growing indoors, higher yields are guaranteed because the environment is more controlled. With proper trimming, adequate fertilization, good ventilation and air circulation, Platinum Kush provides abundant yields of up to 20 ounces per square meter.

This indica, like many other indica-dominant strains, is heavy on the sweet and earthy aroma and flavor. Some say that it tastes like grapes or some other kind of berries mixed with a subtle pepper/spice flavor when inhaled and lingers on the palate in a delightful way.

Overall, with proper growing conditions, Platinum Kush is a very agreeable and easy to grow cannabis strain, offering higher than normal yields, surprising THC and CBD levels, and extremely attractive plants.

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7-9 weeks
10-12 weeks
12+ weeks
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250 - 400 g/m²
400 - 500 g/m²
500+ g/m²











Tested on 6/22/2016 by Anlaytical360 in Washington, Platinum Kush had 16.57% THC and 0.24% CBD totals. Activated totals were 0.47% and THC-A totals were 18.62%. Terpene totals were 0.76%.

Tested on 12/18/2016 by CB Labs in California, Platinum Kush had 22.05% THC and 0.05% CBD totals. Total Cannabinoid totals were 22.83%. Terpene totals were a whopping 9.72%, with high concentrations of Caryophyllene (2.18%), Limonene (1.52%), and Linalool (1.37%).


Platinum Kush is a canna strain that is fast acting and very powerful. There is a reason that it is a go-to strain for medicinal users, and that is because it eliminates pain, worry, and sadness, and causes you to feel as if you are being wrapped up in a cloud of relaxation.

Many users report that this strain is highly sedative and offers an almost narcotic effect, instantly soothing even the “most savage beast” in all of us. Be ready to find a comfy spot and something delicious and snacky, because Platinum Kush is going to drop you down and leave you there, making couch lock and “the munchies” real experiences.

While you are sitting down, in addition to extreme relaxation, you’ll feel nothing but love and contentment, because Platinum Kush will bring on all of the warm fuzzies you can handle.

Platinum Kush is a medicinal user’s dream and a prime example of cannabis as plant medicine. High THC and CBD levels offer reduction and, in many cases, an elimination of chronic pain, stress, depression, and anxiety.

Even a small amount of this powerful stuff leaves the user feeling more relaxed that he or she has felt in a long time, offering a chance to relax, calm down, and soothe their frazzled nerves.

Users who deal with chronic pain report that muscle spasms, body pain, headaches, and even migraines melt away, leaving them feeling pain-free and relaxed.

Those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or stress say that Platinum Kush is a wonder-strain, because it takes away all of the anxiety and restlessness and allows them to feel calm, stable, and more willing to just “chill”, letting their problems just slide off and disappear.

Platinum Kush is also extremely effective for those who have problems with insomnia. This potent indica allows the user to feel so relaxed they actually are able to get to sleep and stay there, allowing their bodies to rest and recharge.

All in all, this kush delivers medicine to the people who need it most in a powerful and effective way.

Platinum Kush. Ready. Set. Relax.

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