Stoners Wanted! German Scientists Seek 25,000 Cannabis Users for Study!

February 24, 2017


Do you smoke cannabis on the regular? Are you mentally healthy? Would you like to remind the world that these two concepts are not mutually exclusive? If the answer to these three questions is yes, then you might be interested in this!


In Berlin, Germany, a team of scientists is looking for regular cannabis users to take part in a study, which will investigate the effects of cannabis on mentally healthy individuals. For their research, they need adults (that means over 18 only!) who live in Berlin and consume cannabis regularly – but NOT people who are “dependent” on cannabis, and no first-time users either.


Furthermore, people with a diagnosis of mental illness won’t be able to participate. This isn’t unfair discrimination – it’s simply that the study intends to investigate whether regular use by mentally healthy adults should be associated with causing or worsening mental illness.


The study is still awaiting approval – if it gets approved and the study goes ahead, participants will each receive 30 grams of herbal cannabis per month for the duration of the study, and with special legal permission so there is no risk of getting in trouble with the law!  


The thought of contributing to medical science has never seemed so appealing… If you feel the same, find out more today by checking out this page here (in German) – or if you just want to dive straight in and start filling out the application, you can find it here!


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