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Stoners Wanted! German Scientists Seek 25,000 Cannabis Users for Study!

A team of scientists in Berlin, Germany is seeking 25,000 cannabis users for a brand new study into long term cannabis use

76 responses to “Stoners Wanted! German Scientists Seek 25,000 Cannabis Users for Study!”

  1. dean says:


  2. Rhys says:

    Defo be interested, I’m 41, smoking resin & herb everyday from I was 14 ,

  3. Jaise csurilla says:

    I can easily smoke 30 grams in a week. Backwood after backwood. I’d deffinetly do this

    • Seshata says:

      See, this is the only real problem – 30 grams a month is only 1g per day…and you’re probably not allowed to supplement the study materials with your own supply 😀

      • Rocky says:

        Kann ich auch von hannover bewerben fur diese angebot?
        Bin raucher 15 jahre und kann ich genau fur die Projekt rauch täglich von eine sorte von die Projekt.

      • Swazie says:

        is this going to be available for US citizens?

        • Maria says:

          I am 63 years old (female) and have been smoking weed and hash since I was 14 yrs old. I have a great life, good friends and would enjoy being part of this research. I grow up in Germany and miss it very much. I am retired and life is great

    • Rusztam says:

      Are you sure?

  4. Michael hardiman says:

    I’m a regular cannabis user I live in united kingdom if it does go ahead can you get it done in my country would love to help with science studying cannabis plants and the affects of smoking it

    • Seshata says:

      The study is taking place in Germany…I can’t see the UK government allowing anything like this anytime soon unfortunately!!

  5. Archil says:

    30gs a month is quite easy i can do much more and im healthy. no health issues but one i guess, when i smoke i eat so much my belly hurts 😀

  6. says:

    hey get ar me im 32 and i smoke arlund 6 to 8 grams dayley

  7. faith s mitchell says:

    i wouldnt mind doing this hell smoking pot n getting payed for it is my dream job im down shyt anything to get out america

  8. Amanda says:

    Hi my names amanda and I am a pro smoker am very interested in this study if you could please send me a email with more details and the application to fill out thankyou

    • Seshata says:

      Hey Amanda…the details are right there in the article! Just click the link to be taken straight to the application form.

      …or do you want us to smoke the weed for you too? 😉

  9. Samuel moore says:

    Yes please I smoke everyday have done for over 10 years in some skunk hash and have tried oils and waxes

  10. Ramon1976 says:

    I’ve been smoking since I was 20 and I’m 40 now😫 but still smoke and yes I would be interested in this wonderful study

  11. Nizar says:

    This is great if it was done .. I live in Berlin will contribute in this study. I love science and studies.

  12. Peter J Hassall says:

    Hello been smoking since i was 14 i am 33 now and still smoking everyday for my epilepsy. if the job pays well and provides me a rent free home for life in Berlin then your lab rat is right here.

  13. Jeff manning says:

    My name is Jeff I can smoke easily 40 sax a day of not more which is like 50 to 60 grams a day

  14. Clayton Leach says:

    30 gramsa month if you smoke regular like i do n there is 30 grams of super wicked dank, gone two to three days alone not sharing lol. what r u gunna do smoke one joint a day laughable theres no reg user only smokes a gram a day u might as well quit, cus thats not going to last all day smh idgi?

  15. Chaynne says:

    Hello peps, this sounds like abit of me. I’m pretty Interested In taking part In this study but only thing 30 grams of Marijuana a month Is fuck all. But If It Is different weed each gram I will take It

  16. Anthony decat says:

    I’m willing to help out,just becouse people don’t know enough about cannabis and we should know more about it.
    Ps from belgium next to germany

  17. jose jaime lorca says:

    I live in a country where you can get killed just by smoking cannabis because of it’s misconception, I’m a professional chef who smoke on a regular basis for it better than any stress prescription drugs and I would like to participate on your program

  18. Joel says:

    Been smoken since I was bout 13 14 on the regular. I’m 32 smoke everyday take the pain away the nervousness as well as thin the blood cause of the family heart condition.

  19. Anquion says:

    I would love to be apart of this extravagant activity. I smoke on a daily basis. So trying something different is perfectly fine for me!!

  20. Sofia ficarotta says:

    Puis je avoir les informations en français

  21. Mado says:

    I am from croatia and I 19 years old guy
    I smoke weed everyday about 5 grams a day daily Marihuana is my second love and I sure that i can do that work answer me at e-mail

  22. Roy says:

    I can , i will and i love it

  23. Taufiq says:

    Me toooo ..highly involed in ur research ..i smoke weed from past 6 years …n i dont any job or income …. that to female plant

  24. Salman says:

    Hi im 35 years old and i use weed since i was 15 years old and daily i used aproximately 10 to 12 grams of weed
    I cant live without weed

  25. Gerald Sadowski says:

    Free weed?? Okay oh can do what ever you want just don’t stick probes where they don’t belong

  26. Kd says:

    I love to smoke weed and I will be not quitting it till the day I die…. And I’m a purist

  27. ken miller says:

    35 year smoker healthy no passport cant leave the usa i can tell you its the best pain reliever ever no side effects makes me a better person more creative and reduces anger because i dont care what people think of me or what they have to say

  28. Robert says:

    My name is robert im16 and i smoke weed regularly

  29. Willard price jr says:

    I use normally like cigarettes so sign me up

  30. Danny says:

    Hi I’m Dan been a daily smoker of weed for over twenty years I work full time as a welder fabricator and I do it all on weed I have one in the morning work til ten have a bite to eat and a doobie then work til 4

  31. Dillybar70 says:

    Im 18. Been smoking for 7 yrs now. Smoke around 14 grams a day! I have no health problems.

  32. Gary says:

    Definitely the job for me, all day everyday, mix from joint to buckets.

  33. Yvan Blouin says:

    i’m 57 and in smoke since i’m 18. now i have a medical prescription since december 2016. I don’t work no more, i’m on my pension

  34. Anthony says:

    In need of a job I’ve been smoking cannabis for 10 years now everyday I am very interested

  35. Bob says:

    How can I apply I’m Irish and I’d smoke all of you under the table ….just pure weed no add toxins ..

  36. Chathura says:

    Make it 40 so at least I have 10 gram per week….:)

  37. Moshaarnatsiaq says:

    My name is Mosha Arnatsiaq, I’m from Nunavut Canada, I wish to purchase some of that! I’m 40 years old and I like to smoke up when I can

  38. Sj12897 says:

    Born and raised in the usa 8 years strong blowing weed cause im dedicated

  39. Alun knight says:

    Free smoko and all you people do is whinge or big note yourselves, get fuckin real.

  40. Oko says:

    Hey Jen, is a really stupid news site. ^^ But this whole thing is all true, I know the guys behind them in person. Some joked about that initiative, also because of the intended pun … what the fick (=fuck) and so.

  41. Sean ermert says:

    Ive been smoking since i was 11 i am 28 now and i have mental illness issues and its all i need screw big pharma

  42. Ryan says:

    I have been smoking marijuana everyday for about 14 years and I feel I am definitely right for this position as when I first started smoking I was the guinea-pig testing the weed before we bought it.

  43. Brittany says:

    Where can I find the application in English ??

  44. Leonardo says:

    I can finish a zip in 2 weeks with trying to save bud with out trying I can probably finish it in 3 or 1 day

  45. Naveen Negi says:

    In India
    There’s humans smoke like fake cannibes
    Am also smoke 3 joint every day but like fake weed

  46. Jeremy Kaisaer Biglete says:

    From Philippines! 20 male,Interested! smoking since 13. 😀

  47. Churchill says:

    Am a weed doctor i smoke and i have a weed farm i started smoking ever since i was 18 now am 34 years i wish to grab this opportunity to work with your fern. hit me up here

  48. Ryan D says:

    I’m 22 years old. I smoke in a legal state. Overall I’m a power smoker. As in I have strong lungs for smoking. I have at my best smoked 1.5grams of weed in 1 breath. The largest dab I’ve taken was .7 in one breath on an incredibly hot nail. I work a steady job and I support myself as well as maintain a healthy life.

  49. Simon says:

    40 years old been smoking since i was 15

  50. Paul says:

    I been smoking weed since the age of 17 and i will b 51 this year been smokin weed all this time

  51. rangel meza says:

    I need this job to proceed in life you got to love wat ur doing so testing buds is what I love

  52. Hamed says:

    32 years old. Fitness athlete and healthy.

  53. ric Adame says:

    i am 70yrs old, retired been smokin’ daily for over 40yrs….i am very physically and mentally very alert and active…..probably because of it……i cook n sew n garden n i have a 21yr. old lover….for over a year…same one …very happy…probably because of ‘it’ also……i gamble n go out almost daily…have 2 cats and a chihuahua dog…love movies n would like to continue working til i cannot….ok…count me in…thank you,……really

  54. Maria says:

    I am 63 female and have been smoking weed and hash since I was 14. I have a Masters degree, great life, wonderful friends and family. I grow up in Germany and would love to partake in this research. Happy pain free day!

    • Larmer007 says:

      I wish I could smoke weed with a white lady cud I don’t feel tired when smoking weed and I mole my weed stylishly

  55. Larmer007 says:

    Any interested person who wish to smoke with me to contact me on my whatsapp +2348144251904 maybe we can talk more and smoke together on Skype

  56. Janette says:

    35 years old. Hourly smoker. Female. Thanks!

  57. Joel2711 says:

    HERB !!

  58. Landon Smith aka himbo says:

    I’m in placentia , orange county home of the kottonmouth kings I be blazing 247365im down Landon Smith aka himbo

  59. Floating vibez says:

    I’m 20 i love smoking if your looking for anyone to do your experiments on marijuana on it’s me I’m free and young so hit me up thanks

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