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Stoner Friendly San Francisco Activities

Whether you happen to be a local, or long term resident, if you find yourself in the bay area while high, San Francisco is a great city to explore.

This historic and culturally rich city is home to numerous events centered around cannabis and stoner-friendly activities that are sure to excite and tantalize the senses while enjoying your favorite herb.

One of many such activities is a massive festival held each year on April 20th, aptly named “420 Fest,” where San Franciscans and tourists gather together to commune over their love of weed.

But San Francisco isn’t just a chill place to get high and vibe on 4/20. There are dozens of stoner-friendly things to do all across the city no matter what time of year it is.

Below we’ve provided a breakdown of the best things to do, places to visit, and things to see while stoned in San Francisco. We hope you enjoy these attractions as much as we did writing about them.

Spark One Up and “Park” Yourself

I mean, really, what is a trip to San Francisco without an adventure to the famous Golden Gate Park? It’s the home of Hippie Hill, where the annual 420 Festival is held every year on April 20th and welcomes vendors, live music and DJs, food trucks, and of course – tons of stoners all in one place. We’re talking tens of thousands of potheads all gathered on Hippie Hill.

The Golden Gate Park also boasts some unique cultural attractions which would be a blast to experience while high – like the de Young Museum which showcases art, costumes and textiles from all over the world, and also welcomes special exhibitions.

Another cool museum in Golden Gate Park is the California Academy of Sciences, which is an aquarium, planetarium, and museum of natural history all rolled (pun intended) into one. Getting lit and journeying through the four-story living rainforest ecosystem? Sign me up!

Another gem in the park that can only be truly appreciated at night is Rainbow Falls, a waterfall feature that was given multicolored lights to illuminate the water back in the 1930s.

Get Lit with the Locals

In order to truly appreciate the roots of what makes San Francisco such a hub of hippie culture, take time to explore the neighborhoods that nurtured the movement and continue to do so today.

The Haight, which borders Golden Gate Park, is a must-see area. With chill music stores and vape lounges offering a safe space to smoke, and the ability to purchase products (like vape cartridges) on the up and up, you won’t want to miss out. Not to mention the Haight is home to “SPARC,” where game nights are a major hit with both locals and visitors alike.

San Francisco’s local stoners have also come up with some cool and creative activities you can participate in, like “Puff, Pass, Paint”, which is – you guessed it – painting and craft class where you can smoke while showing off your art skills.

Wine and Weed tours have also become popular in the bay area. These tours take the idea of a winery tour and combine it with dispensary partnerships, and collaboration with culinary experts in the art of using cannabis for food and drink. Your weed and wine tour might even offer a taste of wine infused with cannabis and gourmet cannabis snacks. The tours are a real treat in California since the state has some of the best and most diverse bud in the country, the product of years of horticulture research centering around marijuana as cannabis use has become more widely accepted.

Make it your Mission

If it’s not your first time visiting San Francisco, consider making another trip down to the Mission district. This area of San Francisco is buzzing with amazing Mexican restaurants and Asian grocery stops, plus several dispensaries for your green needs. The nightlife on Mission Street is lively, and if thrifting is your jam, you will surely find some hidden treasures at the thrift shops such as Community Thrift and Mission Thrift. If you do anything while high in San Francisco, eating your way through the Mission district is definitely a good idea.

Seasonal and Open-Air Events

Recently, San Francisco has really cultivated a substantial and growing following for outdoor markets and festivals, with civic organization “Off the Grid” putting on some of the coolest long-running events in the city.

Fort Mason, for example, is a massive food truck fest that brings in grub from all over the world, over thirty trucks’ worth. The event runs from early Spring until October, and every night during the season, you can take your pick from local and international cuisine and creative culinary creations from the food truck bounty.

Even more fun – Fort Mason is situated right along the bay in the Marina district, so patrons can enjoy killer views of the waterfront while taking care of the munchies with decadent food truck finds. Imagine grabbing a few baskets of grub from food trucks serving up tasty morsels from just about every cooking genre and culture, posting up along the bay and gazing out over the water. Does life get any sweeter?

Down by the Bay

San Francisco has always been a city of alternative culture, the hippie movement, and has been one of the most progressive cities in the U.S. when it comes to cannabis use. Locals will tell you that Dolores Park is a fun hangout for the San Francisco stoner types and that everyone is very friendly and chill there. It’s a great place to meet new people who share your love of bud.

Cannabis – the new San Francisco Treat

There aren’t many places in the US as “stoner-friendly” as San Francisco, with its rich cultural history and laid back vibe, there’s a little something for everyone.

Whether you love to go on adventures while stoned, or just want to relax and take in the sights and sounds, San Francisco is the perfect destination for hippies at heart and those that love to combine fun and interesting activities with their favorite herb.

One thing is for certain, San Francisco is constantly evolving to offer new and exciting activities and events year round, so keep your eyes on this stoner-friendly locale, and if you’re in the area, let us know how you enjoyed some of our recommended attractions. As always, check out Hemper for products to enhance your herb smoking experience.

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