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Spannabis postponed their 2021 fair in Barcelona!

On Tuesday July 6th the organisation of Spannabis announced on Facebook that they are postponing the event that would have been held on July 8-10 2021 in Barcelona.
The new planned date is now March 11-13 2022.

Due to corona regulations and a possible 3th wave that might be coming. Travel restrictions may be tightened again making it hard for exhibitors and international visitors to attend.

It’s the second time that the Spannabis events were postponed. First time was in 2020 at the beginning of the Covid outbreak world wide. The event was cancelled last minute while a large amount of exhibitors was already setting up their stands. Hopes for the event to be held in 2021 vanished quickly with Spain current Covid-19 status is still red on the European map. Lets hope Covid lays down for good so we can all attend the wonderful cannabis events around the world.


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