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Spain Shuts Down Europes Biggest Outdoor Cannabis Grow (Video)

Wow, that’s a pretty crazy sight…

Over 67 hectares of cannabis plants. The plants are lined up beautifully over a small hill close to Navara, Spain.

The Guardia Civil raided the plantation and started to destroy over 415,000 cannabis plants. The massive amount has been labeled the biggest illegal cannabis plantation in Europe’s history.

The Guardia Civil arrested three people from Navara. They also have another two people under investigation.

The Farm came under investigation half a year ago when an officer found the plantation that was questionable. The farm owner was registered as a hemp cultivator. Growing CBD is illegal in Spain.

They estimated the batch was worth 30 million but could have a price of 100 million when properly processed.  This huge amount of CBD was meant to be distributed within Europe, mainly in Italy and Switzerland.

Want to see the plantation? The Guardia Civil has uploaded a video showing the immense scale of the outdoor grow-op!

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