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Snoop turned 50 years old!

The 20th of October is a special day for the famous cannabis activist and rapper Snoop Dogg. It’s his brithday and this one is extra special. Snoop turned 50 today but doesn’t look any where near his age. His speciality? We would say loads of cannabis and we think he would say the same. He claims to smoke about 567 grams a week or 27 kilo a year.

The rapper originally is from Long beach California is doing pretty well. With a net worth of around 130million dollar you would say he is ready for retirement. But nothing is farther from the truth. Snoop is planning on making more music and smoking a lot more weed in the process. All trough it been a while since we seen a new album he is still featuring and collaborating. We wish Snoop Dogg a wonderful day with loads of his favourite weed! Happy Birthday Snoop!

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