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Snoop Dogg Organizes An eSport Tournament For Weed Smokers

Snoop Dogg isn’t just a musician, producer, actor, and entrepreneur, he’s also an avid gamer. He took part in the Battlefield 1 celebrity live stream a few years ago and last year he demonstrated a remarkable ability to play the defunct survival game SOS with the power of telekinesis.

This week, he’s elevating his game even further with the launch of his very own esports league which started yesterday.

The league is called Gangsta Gaming League, founded in partnership with Merry Jane debuted yesterday with a Madden NFL 19 tournament and featured eight of Snoop’s “closest gaming friends”—Red Woods, Red Grant, JC, Tripo Loc, Lala, Shelton, Waniac, and Young Sagg—battling for the title of “Top Dogg” and a slice of an $11,000 prize pool. T

And in case there was any question, which there absolutely should not be, the league explicitly stated that it “will most definitely allow the use of cannabis,” presumably before, during, and/or after the competition as players and fans see fit.

You can check out the first stream here!

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