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Snoop Dogg Launches Death Row Cannabis

Death Row Records has been one of the music industry’s most recognizable and culturally significant platforms for over 30 years, releasing innumerable chart-topping singles and famous musicians.

It is now run by strong new leadership. The famed musical empire has reemerged as a multicategory cultural platform covering music, fashion, entertainment, and cannabis for a new generation after recently being acquired by Snoop Dogg.

Using an animation of their instantly recognizable emblem and the presentation of their branded pre-roll tube, @DeathRowRecords and @DeathRowCannabis announced their first cannabis drop on social media on December 29 at 8 AM PT.

The soundtrack for the teaser trailer was composed by DJ Battlecat and MylarMen, an artist.

All components of the former label are being updated for today’s audience and their growing preferences to restore Death Row to its former splendor. The classic hooded prisoner figure sitting in an electric chair is featured on the front of the initial release’s limited edition commemorative metallic bags. It’s important to notice that this is a fresh new rendition of the prisoner created for the introduction of the cannabis brand; the key distinction is that he is puffing on a fat doobie while holding one hand free.

The person in charge of curating Death Row Cannabis is another fascinating note for those cannabis connoisseurs. AK, a longstanding West Coast legacy cultivator and industry insider personally chosen by Snoop, is best renowned for his work with previous partner WizardTrees in selecting, expertly nurturing, and sprouting the RS11, Studio 54, and Shirazi strains from rare cannabis breeder DEO.

He is the creator of the IYKYK brand SMKRS and the Vice President of Cultivation for TRP LLC, which controls the majority of Cookies locations nationwide, including their Florida facilities. People continue to wait in line in front of AK’s stores due to his reputation for growing “fire” weed and his taste in winning strains.

Death Row Cannabis, which will go on sale very soon. An announcement from the brand detailing the precise time and places of their first drop is forthcoming.

The first sites to carry Death Row Cannabis will be a few Cookies California locations in Brentwood, San Bernardino, and San Diego; other outlets and more states will shortly follow.

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