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Smokeey – The Silicon Device That Allows You To Do More

As a smoker, one of the most irritating things for me is having to juggle my smoke while having five or six other things in my hands.

The Silicon Device That Allows You To Do More

This revolutionary little piece of jewelry will make smoking while doing other things much easier and more enjoyable. No wires to get tangled, and no need for WiFi to make it work. This Vegan friendly product is made of quality materials and designed for a life of long use.

Designed for the modern professional on the move, the Smokeey will free your fingers for other activities while still allowing you the ability to continue smoking. With no wires or complicated adapters required, smoking on the go has never been easier!

Waterproof and able to withstand the pressures of the deep sea, there is no place this device won’t work!!

The Smokeey is easy to use. The device fits on any finger and comes in a variety of colors. Whether you want to camouflage your Smokeey or coordinate it with your outfit, there is a color for every situation.

So, no matter where I go or what I do, my Smokeey keeps my hands free to do what else needs to be done while still maintaining a burning cigarette or spliff.

Cutting Edge

There’s nothing quite like going to take a drag only to realize that it has gotten broken in transit amongst the piles of stuff in my hands. FML…

My favorite is trying to drive, talk on the phone (even through BlueTooth), wrangle the kids, and not lose my cigarette (along with my sanity). I cannot begin to explain how or why I have managed to drop my cigarette onto the floorboard more times than I care to remember. What do I do? Leave it and hope the carpet doesn’t catch fire – or better yet, some of the wayward trash stuck under the seats. I have burned my fingers, my carpet, and even a few nice purses losing a grip on my smoke.

I was beginning to have some serious doubts about my ability to multi-task where my smoking is concerned. Then I found something the could revolutionize smoking as we know it…

While I cannot promise the discovery of the secret to acquiring extra appendages, I have found something almost as cool!

The smokeey

State of the Art

The high-tech aerodynamic design fits comfortably on any finger and is easily adjustable for comfort.

The Research and Development Department for this product is currently working on developing built-in WIFI and Dolby 5.0 Surround Surround Speaker System. I don’t know how they plan on doing it, but I know I am going to want one! Just imagine, smoking while jamming to great tunes while I go about my business practically smoking hands-free!

Currently available in ten (10) emotionally charged colors, this device feels sensual on my finger and easily adjusts to fit any finger on which I place it. No connection points on the Smokeey guarantee it will not get caught or stuck. That is amazing. I don’t know how many late-night munchie sessions have left me unable to wear some jewelry. Instead of having to watch my salt intake, I can just wear my Smokeey.


Fun for All

For smoking gamers, this is a MUST have. Simply use the Smokeey while gaming and free your fingers for the litany of button-pushing and joystick jostling one must endure for many of the games of today. Stopping to take a smoke break is as easy as finding a place to pause in-game. Yup, that is it. Lift your hand, take your drag, and continue about your business of killing and maiming all the vicious beasts assailing you!

If you aren’t a gamer but smoke, this is still something you are going to want to have. The next time you’re smoking, pay attention to the adjustments you have to make in order to ensure your smoke break doesn’t become a broke smoke.


“Life is Smokeeyzy!”

Everyone from lion-tamers to base jumpers can enjoy the added ease of the Smokeey. Even Superheroes can use the Smokeey with no fear of it melting or pinching their enormous hands! The hands-free capability to smoke yet still partake in various activities (and/or stopping the next Super Villain from taking over) is a big plus!

Wearing the Smokeey should be a status symbol, demanding of respect! Charisma and charm practically ooze from the device, and thus the wearer. It is a classy little snap guaranteed to turn heads.

Any activity one can imagine can be made more enjoyable with the Smokeey.
Biking? Take a toke!
Hiking? No problem there, either!
Even making sweet, sweet love can be improved with the Smokeey. How? Well, I will just let you find that out for yourself. I can’t give away all my secrets, now!

Be the first of your friends to end the nightmare of smoke rage and be the envy of all who see you. With a color to match every mood, you are sure to make a big impression!

Not everyone can pause life to smoke. Now, you don’t have to with the Smokeey.

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