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Teens Wanted To Rob A Weed Store But Only Got Away With Oregano

A group of teens drove a stolen van into a cannabis dispensary in Colorado Springs and stole a bunch of herb. Actually, it was herbs. Oregano, to be specific.

The owners of Native Roots, at Academy Boulevard and Austin Bluffs Parkway, told KKTV they don’t put real cannabis in the display cases. The robbery happened just after 1 a.m. in front of several witnesses.

I was coming out from work, and all of a sudden we heard this big old crash,

Brent Wrathbone told KKTV.

[The suspects] came out with bunches of marijuana in their arms.

Wrathbone said the suspects threw a beer bottle at him as he called police.

I decided just to call the cops and we decided to get their plate number and everything and then I get a beer bottle thrown at me,

he told 11 News.

The suspects left the van behind, inside the store to be precise. Wrathbone and other witnesses told police they saw the group leave in a separate getaway car waiting on the other side of the dispensary.

Officers believe there were two people in the van when it crashed into the store and two others in the getaway vehicle.

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