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Sex Offender With ‘Pot Head’ And Joint Tattoos On His Face Is Wanted By The Police

No offense to this guy but tell me he doesn’t give off a knock-off Charlie Manson vibe?

According to Fox News, Douglas Christopher is a convicted sex offender. He already served more than 3 years in prison  10 years ago. Ohio police are looking for him because he failed to register.  Luckily for them, it won’t be too hard to find the dude.

He’s got a huge tribute to weed right on his face. “Pothead” in traditional script graces his hairline, while a weed-leaf is the centerpiece of his forehead mural. Instead of eyebrows, this dude has some joints or blunts (we are not quite sure what it is…). Having to shave your eyebrows to maintain the illusion takes a lot of hard work. If only he washed his hair with the same level of care.

According to the Police, the last known address was in the southeastern Ohio city of Belpre, right next to the state’s border with West Virginia.

In addition to his weed tattoos, Christopher has the phrase “Lone Wolf” tattooed across his fingers – such a charming guy…

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