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For far too long, cannabis has been vilified by governments the world over. In Germany, the people have been led to believe that cannabis is an evil substance, a dangerous gateway drug and a cause of addiction and disease. That is simply not the way it is.


Now, medical cannabis has been approved for a few people, for a small number of conditions. Decriminalization for the general public is still a long way away. So there is still work to do – and changing hearts and minds, as always, is a huge part of the fight.


That’s where sens media comes to the fore, with their mission to portray cannabis in the proper light. To do so, they have now lined up three great new shows on cannabis, in Germany and beyond…


Green Germany is a duo of journalists, Flo and Timm, who are not afraid to shine a light into the darkest corners of the cannabis prohibition movement. They work together to bring enlightenment and education to people in Germany and around the world.


Together, Green Germany and sens media are determined to change the way Germany and the rest of the world views cannabis. Look out for Flo and Timm at all the major cannabis events and rallies in Europe this year, and follow them as they work to expose the truth about the true benefits of cannabis!


Second on the line-up is Der Micha, where legendary cannabis journalist Micha jumps into the spotlight to spread the truth about cannabis in Germany.


As well as this, sens media has now teamed up with cannabis chef Rüdiger to bring you sens cuisine! Via this exclusive new show, his recipes will be brought straight to the people that will most appreciate them. sens cuisine is aimed at adults aged 20-59, who wish to create healthy, nutritious and medicinal meals. sens cuisine’s motto is “Healthy and Sustainable Cooking with Hemp”.


The sens media channel will begin airing sens cuisine cookery episodes this month – don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss a second of this exclusive cannabis content!


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