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Rowll Provides The Perfect All-In-One Solution To Roll Joints On-The-Go

We all have a box or container in which we store our herb, grinder, rolling papers, pipes, lighters and other necessary accessories for a good smoke session. Every cannabis user will also tell you that they usually can’t bring their whole box or container with them when they want to step out to enjoy cannabis out of the house with others. That’s why Rowll came up with an awesome solution.

Rowll entered the cannabis market last year. One of their rolling videos went viral on our Facebook page and reached more than 2’000’000 people by now. In early 2018 they were featured by Instagram cannabis celebrities like Mr. Marijuanaman, Koala Puffs or Herbhack and their videos always create a buzz when stoners see them.

Perfectly Rolled Joints On-The-Go

Too many cannabis users never acquire the perfect all-in-one solution for storing, and smoking cannabis, especially if they have an on-the-go lifestyle. It’s all too common to throw parts of what you’ll need for herb on-the-go in a bag, your pocket, or a purse, resulting in flower spillage and often inadequate joint rolling supplies.

Rowll now has an all-in-one solution for all your rolling on-the-go needs, that helps you store, and discretely transport your cannabis so you can enjoy it anywhere, discretely and without the mess.

Rowll was created after seeing too much herb lost to the floors of cars, in the sand at the beach, or in thick carpet when users were inadequately prepared with the necessary supplies and a stable rolling surface to roll a good joint. We recognized that an all-in-one product could significantly cut down on the volume of what you need to carry to enjoy cannabis on the go, while providing you all you need for a superior smoking experience wherever you are, spill-free and discretely.

The Ultimate in Convenience and Discretion

It’s smaller than a smartphone, but can store your herb, grind it, and give you everything you need to create beautifully filtered joints on the spot. Built into the case is 100-razor sharp spikes that will grind your herb, but not your fingers while you use it. The case turns into a funnel to help you roll spill-free after grinding it. The roll-up filters can be placed in the paper to increase the enjoyment of the smoking experience. When your joint is all ready to go, you can fold up the Rowll and place it back into your pocket, purse or bag. It’s discreet. It’s sleek. It’s extremely useful.

The Rowll is perfect for any cannabis user who prefers smoking joints and rolling on the spot. A bud or two can be placed in the Rowll, which is smaller than even a small smartphone, and slipped inside a jeans’ pocket to be taken on a night out. Professionals on the go who want a little joint at the end of their workday can slip the Rowll into the pocket of their briefcase. Athletes who use cannabis as a supplement for athletic performance can place the Rowll into their gym bag to enjoy discretely after their workout. The Rowll avoids the clunkiness, messiness, and aroma that can sometimes be associated with bringing some of your stash on-the-go.

Rowll is your whole box or container with your cannabis stash and accessories rolled neatly into one tiny product. It’s so small, that people won’t even know it’s there, but you certainly will when it’s time to enjoy a perfectly rolled joint wherever you are.

Get your Rowll on here!

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