According to his recent Instagram post, Rich The Kid is offering 5’000$ cash for two professional blunt rollers. The post already got more than 1’500’000 views in 24 hours so you better hurry up with sending over your application!

“I’m looking for 2 professions blunt rollers,” he said in a clip on IG Wednesday evening. “You gotta be able to roll blunts in two minutes, and have backwoods look like this” he added while showing a fat blunt he was smoking. “I’m paying cash money. racks if you can roll these blunts.”

To be honest, we don’t know if he’s really serious because he looks awfully high in the clip and why doesn’t he ask a homie of his rather than a random person, but he definitely got fans hyped and responding to it in the comment section.

We wanted to insert our how to roll a backwoods blunt video but sadly the fuckers from Youtube deleted our channel. Anyway, we wish you good luck 🙂