Can You Recycle Cannabis with a Balloon?

July 3, 2017


Have you ever thought about recycling cannabis to get the most bang for your buck? When you begin running low on your supply, you can get the most THC possible out of your precious flower by using nothing but your regular smoking supplies and a balloon.

The Shotgun Method

The best known and most common method of recycling cannabis is to shotgun it to someone else. With this method, the smoker inhales the initial smoke deeply, then forms a tunnel in the middle of a balled up hand and blows the smoke through their hand and into the receiver’s mouth. The receiver inhales as the first user exhales. While not the most effective way to pass that second hand high to someone else, it does work.

The Balloon Method

There is an alternative way to recycle cannabis that contains the smoke much better than the traditional shotgun method, with the use of a balloon. By blowing your hits into a balloon repeatedly, you can squeeze every last bit of smoke and vapor out of each hit. These are the supplies you will need:

bong, bubbler, pipe or one hitter


lighter or matches


The following steps outline how to use the balloon method for obtaining the most from each hit.

Pack your bowl with enough flower for one good hit.

Light the flower and inhale all of the smoke until it burns out.

Hold the hit in while putting the balloon to your mouth.

Exhale the smoke into the balloon to fill it, taking care to avoid overinflating it.

Hold the end tightly closed and take several deep breaths to prepare for the hit.

Inhale the smoke or vapor from the balloon, holding it in temporarily.

Exhale and enjoy.

You can also exhale back into the balloon and inhale again repeatedly to get every last bit of THC possible from that single hit.  Note that you shouldn’t let the hit sit in the balloon for too long because it will lose any flavor contained in the smoke.

Once you have mastered the balloon method for recycling your cannabis, you can basically get twice as much out of each hit you take. This is also a great starter method for someone who is building up to the heavier hits a bong offers. You can help a friend in short supply or just save some money for yourself by keeping a balloon handy with your smoking and vaping tools.

Original story by Green Rush Daily



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