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Cannabis Ice-Coffee

Difficulty: Easy








Equipment & Ingredients

  • Equipment
  • Coffee Machine

  • Milk Frother

  • Ingredients
  • Coffee

  • Ice Cubes


  • Brew coffee and let it cool - once cooled, put it in the fridge.

  • Take the cannabis milk and put some of it in the milk frother. In the meantime, take a glass and fill it with ice cubes.

  • Now fill the glass with the coffee and cannabis milk as desired. Finally, the milk froth.


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Do I Need To Decarb First?

For the do-it-yourself cannabis cook, decarding is a crucial part of the process. A handful of fresh flower in your salad isn’t going to do anyone any favors. But manipulating the cannabinoids with heat is going to take that salad to all new heights. Not that you’d make a cannabis salad, but you get the point.

We are going to take you on a deep dive into cannabis decarboxylation. We’ll define it, review the benefits, and give you a step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself using only the equipment in your kitchen.

What is Decarboxylation?

In most dispensaries today, raw cannabis flower is usually inaccurately labelled according to the cannabinoid content.

According to Wikipedia, decarboxylate is “a chemical reaction that removes a carboxyl group and releases carbon dioxide (CO2).” Makes sense when you think about smoking release carbon dioxide into the air. Vaping and cooking cannabis do the same.

In order to reap many of the medicinal benefits of weed, you’ll need to heat it up and remove or release the carboxyl. Whether you do this through smoking, vaping, or baking, the results are the same.

Heat transforms certain cannabinoids into others. It’s turning what are generally inactive compounds into active ones. Some known examples of heat-induced transformations include:

  • THCA into THC
  • CBDA into CBD
  • CBGA into CBG
  • THCA into CBN

Interested in more information about how to properly decarboxylate your weed, click here. 

Dosing and proper dosage can be tricky, and that’s why we are here for you.

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