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Reasons Why Online Headshops are Superior and Convenient

In the words of the late great Bob Dylan, “The Times They are a’ Changin’”. Legalized cannabis and deregulation has taken America (and other parts of the world) by storm. Once a taboo drug, cannabis has recently taken center stage as a legitimate, legal herb enjoyed by millions.

But it’s not just the legalization of cannabis that has changed. The entire cannabis industry, from farming to headshops have evolved with it.

In the not too distant past, traditional brick and mortar headshops were the singular and only option for cannabis users to get the supplies, tools, and devices they needed. From rolling papers to bubblers, the local headshop was the only game in town.

Although shopping in person does have its perks (such as instant gratification), online headshops such as Hemper have so much more to offer. This guide will explore why online headshops are both the superior and more convenient options for all of your smoking needs.

1. Product Selection

Local headshops tend to be small and often carry a very limited selection of products. Inventory and space are two of the most expensive aspects of running a physical headshop, thus making it hard for owners to offer as broad of a selection of goods as they would like to.

Online headshops, by contrast, don’t need to have physical inventory on-hand. This means that they can (and often do) have a much larger array of items to choose from, spanning dozens of brands.

Variety is the spice of life, and being able to find and choose the perfect smoking accessories or devices is something you shouldn’t have to compromise on.

2. Lower Prices and Better Value

Online headshops have much lower overhead costs due to not needing a physical office, warehouse or storefront. They also can cater and sell to individuals all across the nation (or globe), expanding their market base well beyond that of a traditional brick and mortar headshop.

Why are these two distinct advantages important?

In traditional retail stores, part of the markup on products is built in to cover overhead (such as a commercial property lease, utility bills, etc). Because online headshops don’t have to worry about those costs, they can remove that part of the markup from their product lines, passing the savings on down to the end customer.

Secondly, because they are able to market and sell to a much larger user base, they can often push out more products from their shop. This means they are often able to negotiate lower wholesale pricing from suppliers, again passing those savings on down to their customers.

Lastly, selling more volume means that it’s not necessary for the online shop to make a lot of money with each sale. What they lose in marked-up pricing, they gain in sheer volume due to the value they provide to customers. Stores have decent markups to make up for things like rent and employees, whereas an online head shop provides everyday low prices and many designs even on common items like ashtrays – check some out.

3. Discreet and Private

Although cannabis use has become largely mainstream, there are still those areas of the country and individuals who judge and look down on those who enjoy a little herb.

Reasons why discretion may be important to you:

  • Religious family/friends/community who don’t approve

  • Need to maintain a certain type of public perception

  • Work for an employer that may frown upon smoking

An online headshop eliminates the need to be physically present in a store, thus removing the chance that anyone may see you shopping for cannabis-related goods. Online headshops know how important discretion can be, with the majority of them using plain colored, unmarked boxes to ship goods inside of. That way not even the mailman or your neighbors know what’s inside the box.

4. Convenient

We order everything online. Our clothes, movies, gifts, and even groceries. So why not a new bong, rolling papers, vaping device or other smoking-related items? Fact is, in today’s modern world we’re all busier than ever before. With little time to spare, it’s not only inconvenient but downright annoying to have to drive to a local headshop to buy more supplies. Plus, you have a wider selection of new designs for products like rolling trays – see more.

Online headshops, by contrast, are open 24/7/365. They are just a few mouse clicks away from you whenever needed. Shop at your leisure, at home or on the go. And if you have questions, their support teams are only an email, chatbox or phone call away.

5. Superior Support and Service

Speaking of support, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better pre and post-sales support than you will online. Local headshops might be owned by someone very knowledgeable, but the people they have working behind the counter might not be. Online headshops are generally well-staffed by teams of individuals specializing in that singular industry. They are trained on each brand and product line in the store and have the experience needed to make sure each customer has the right information to make the best decision with their purchase.

Unlike local headshops, customer support for their online counterparts is often faster, more accessible and available more hours.

6. Detailed Product Information

Think about the last time you walked down a store aisle (any store will do). Now think about the products on the shelves. There was likely zero additional information other than what you can see on the label. With glassware, such as oil rigs, for example, sometimes you don’t even get a box at your local headshops.

Online shops, by contrast usually provide a lot of supportive information (as well as reviews from actual users) to help you make the best decision.

For example, most products will include detailed product descriptions including but not limited to aspects such as:

  • The material it’s made from.

  • The dimensions (height, width, etc.)

  • Notable features

  • Uses

  • Warranty information

  • Brand information

  • And more…

Closing Thoughts

Local headshops can be great resources for the community, and we have nothing against them. For decades they were the one place where cannabis users could go for information and supplies. But just like Blockbuster, local headshops are quickly becoming a thing of the past as they become outpaced and outperformed by their online counterparts.

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