Is It Really Possible? YES! It's Water-Soluble Cannabis! - International Highlife

Is It Really Possible? YES! It’s Water-Soluble Cannabis!

International Highlife interview with Tom Kenyon of the UK’s Hemel Hempstead Cannabis Club, about his new method of making water-soluble cannabis!

2 responses to “Is It Really Possible? YES! It’s Water-Soluble Cannabis!”

  1. Mike says:

    I need something like this water-soluble I was in a auto accident that shattered my left shoulder and hip but ball died & now it’s bone on bone pain I have nothing to hook a artificial to & they want to pain meds me to death I don’t understand why they will give me morphine & say don’t touch that bud it really sucks & my life is now reduced to living in increments go till I can’t then pay for it can’t walk far stand for long or lay dw for long it’s gotten old I took care of my dad for 12-13 years and he passed away in December and now just looking for a little help managing my pain I sleep but don’t rest my meds take away my appetite & live in a state that will never go medical marijuana so if ya thank you might be able to help me it would be very appreciated thank you for your time. Mike

  2. bruce taylor says:

    water soluble thc does it stay in your system like an oil based thc

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