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This Rapper Without Hands Rolls Perfect Blunts – What’s Your Excuse?

If you’ve ever felt bad about yourself because you can’t roll a decent joint, let alone a blunt, you’re about to feel a whole lot worse.

In the past few years, a few videos of N.U.B.S. — a rapper from Phoenix, Arizona — rolling a blunt with perfect ease have been making the rounds and left people speechless.

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What’s so special about a guy who knows how to roll a blunt, you ask?

Colin White, aka N.U.B.S., was born without hands and feet, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a master blunt roller and a pretty good rapper.

N.U.B.S. is a member of the Odd Squad Family, a trio of rappers made up of N.U.B.S. himself, A~Factor, and Snowman, a black albino.

The stage name N.U.B.S. stands for Normally Underestimated By Sight, an acronym he made up after the nickname already existed. 

“The things I’ve learned about living with a disability are that anything’s possible,” N.U.B.S. told Barcroft TV. “Hard work, dedication, and relentlessness is really all it takes to achieve whatever you’re trying to achieve.”

“It’s taught me not to underestimate anybody, not to judge anybody based on what they look like,” he added.

Like N.U.B.S., Snowman also has a rare condition — albinism — and had to deal with similar struggles. 

The two met in high school and began making music together shortly after. A little later, the Odd Squad Family was born. 

“They say blood’s thicker than water, but blood couldn’t make our relationship any thicker,” N.U.B.S. said.

“We got into all kinds of nonsense when we were teenagers in High School’, added Snowman. “From there we just created the group, Odd Squad Family and it started out as a family. A group of friends seated around a table, the people that were closest that we could trust. We took the name and we ran with it.”

In 2015, A~Factor also joined the family. While A~Factor looks “normal” at first sight, he also faced battles he had to overcome. 

“That’s the most frequently asked question, what’s wrong with the black guy?” he told Barcroft.

“That’s kind of the whole point of Odd Squad Family, there’s nothing wrong with any of us. I may look ‘normal’, but everybody is odd in their own way.”

Originally, the Family had a fourth member, Frosty, Snowman’s younger brother. Sadly, Frosty passed away in 2016. 

If you’re into hip hop at all, and even if you’re not, give the Odd Squad Family a listen — you won’t be disappointed.

And while you’re at it, light up a fat blunt for Frosty.

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