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Why You Should Probably Quit Your Job and Join The Weed Industry Now

New numbers from Statistics Canada show that employees in the cannabis industry are earning more money than the average Canadian.

Canada was the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis. Two months after the legalization, early data shows the sector is big, and the jobs pay relatively well.

According to a Statistics Canada labor report, the number of cannabis-related jobs in Canada was 10,400 in November, up 266 percent from November 2017.

More than half of those jobs related to the agriculture industry, as well as educational services, health care, and retail, according to the report.

On average, these jobs pay $29.58 an hour. That’s more a plus of more than $2.50, compared to the national average of $27 an hour. The majority of the jobs (83 percent) are in the private sector, and the majority of employees (79 percent) are men.

The report also notes that Ontario has the highest concentration of jobs—5,700—because it has the highest concentration of licensed producers.

If you want to start in the cannabis industry, you should check out an article we recently published about the topic. Here are seven tips about how you can find your dream job in the weed industry.

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