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Quebec Prime Minister Prepares to Ban Unvaccinated Individuals from Buying Weed and Hard Liquor

Quebec Prime Minister Francois Legault’s administration is implementing a controversial plan that will require proof of vaccination at the cash register for certain purchases. This move comes as a response to what has been referred to as “a certain anger” toward unvaccinated individuals. Once enacted, the new rules will impact the sale of hard liquor to those who remain unvaccinated.

New Rules Aimed at Unvaccinated Shoppers

Under the new regulations, Quebec unvaccinated residents will still have access to convenience stores that sell beer and wine. However, they will be effectively barred from legally purchasing hard liquor. It is important to note that these measures are targeted explicitly at shoppers and will not apply to employees who are not required to be vaccinated.

Vaccination and COVID-19 Situation in Quebec

Despite Quebec’s relatively high vaccination rate of approximately 85%, the province has been grappling with many new COVID-19 infections, reporting an average of around 15,000 new cases daily over the past week. In response to this situation, the Quebec government has taken additional measures to curb the spread of the virus.

Are the Measures Justified?

The move to ban unvaccinated individuals from purchasing certain items has sparked debates about its effectiveness and justification. Critics argue that it might be seen as a draconian way of punishing those who refuse to comply with vaccination requirements rather than an effective strategy to fight the pandemic. On the other hand, proponents of the new rules contend they are necessary to protect public health and incentivize more people to vaccinate.

Similar Measures in Other Canadian Provinces

Quebec is not the only Canadian province that has introduced restrictions based on vaccination status. Grocery stores in New Brunswick have been granted the authority to ban unvaccinated individuals from entering their premises, potentially impacting their ability to buy essential goods like food.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s Stance on Unvaccinated Individuals

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau opposes unvaccinated individuals, saying their presence should not be accepted. He cited concerns about the rejection of science and progress, as well as the prevalence of misogyny and racism among some unvaccinated populations.

Share Your Thoughts

The new measures in Quebec have sparked various opinions among the public. We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

One response to “Quebec Prime Minister Prepares to Ban Unvaccinated Individuals from Buying Weed and Hard Liquor”

  1. Skye says:

    I’m ashamed to be Canadian. Most Canadians don’t want these authoritarian measures which are quite frankly anti-science. Our bigoted prime minister is getting richer each day and his motives don’t appear true. We need a way to reclaim our freedom because we’re not represented by our government

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