The Magnum 2 Vaporizer from Puri5 – a new pen style vape taking vaporizing to a whole new level. Introduced in late 2017 the Magnum 2 brings the element of water filtration into the realm of compact handheld portable vaporizers. Magnum 2 is quickly joining the ranks as one of the most popular portable vaporizers for dry herbs. In this product breakdown we touch on the build quality, vapor performance, portability and our general thoughts on the Puri5 Magnum 2.

Puri5 Magnum 2 Vaporizer

Build Quality

Portable vaporizers are to be enjoyed outdoors while taking in the scenery. They free us from the confines of our little bubbles and allow us to explore the world around us. Therefore, a portable vaporizer needs to be built with quality in mind to keep up with an active lifestyle. Because of this, Puri5 has built the Magnum 2 with two different mouthpiece connectors. The shorter more durable travel friendly mouthpiece and the longer water filter connector. Both serve there purpose and bring something to the table. First of all, both are made of pyrex glass which helps to deliver a smooth pleasant draw. Second, the glass is more durable than one may think.

The body of the Magnum 2 is very durable and surprisingly heavier than I thought it would be. Its not heavy in the way that its unpleasant to hold or carry, its a good kinda heavy that speaks quality. Built with a fully anodized aluminum body the base is very strong.

Vapor Production

You need to experience the Magnum 2 first hand to see how truly impressive the vapor smoothness and density is. Videos can only do so much justice when it comes to capturing vapor. Having said that, you can see for your self with the videos that the vapor production is pretty solid.

A polished crystalline ceramic oven in combination with a standalone vapor path contribute to the vapor flavor and performance that the Magnum 2 puts out. The battery used in this device is an external 18650B, hence it can deliver ample power for big lengthy rips.


Vapor production with the Magnum 2 can be tweaked in a number of ways to meet your needs, perhaps more so with the Magnum 2 than with most other portable vaporizers. In addition to the above reasons, the Magnum 2 has 3 other ways to switch up and enhance the vapor production to your liking. First, it includes an adjustable airflow ring tat can restrict or open up the air path. Second, it comes with the water bubbler mouthpiece for smoother hits. And most of all it has adjustable temperature settings that allow you to choose between 320 and 439 degrees. As a result to all these options, the Magnum 2 performs very well with vapor performance and production.

Portability and Battery of the Puri5 Magnum 2

Fear not! for the Magnum 2 water attachment is pretty much spill proof. While the water filter piece may be spill roof it leaves the question – how do you empty the water to clean it and replace it with a fresh load. The solution is quite simple, as the Pauli exclusion principle states ‘two objects cannot occupy the same space’ and with the addition of one it will force the other out. Therefore, if you blow in the part of the mouthpiece you will usually be inhaling through you will force the water out the other end. To do this, you will want to make sure that you are not connected to the base. If you are connected to the base it will ruin your herbs and damage your device. The spill proof design is important on the topic of portability.

Built with an external battery, the Puri5 Magnum 2 is capable of lasting as long as you need it to in between charges. Hence, it is only limited to the amount of spare batteries you bring along with you. The 18650B battery is quite powerful enough on its own but the option to have more than one is key.


For an affordable budget friendly device, the Puri5 Magnum 2 is a fun and effective vaporizer that greatly outperforms its competitors in the mid to lower price ranges. When you compare the Magnum 2 to the higher price range vaporizers it still competes very well. You can read another review on the Magnum 2 here.

There are very few options for handheld portable water filtration vape pens. I am pretty happy with this device and I think Puri5 has done a really great job. In conclusion I feel that this product holds a lot of value for its retail price and is worth considering.

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