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Throwback: Police Accidentally Get Everyone High After Burning 3 Tons of Weed

Sometimes we overlook things, and that’s normal. But this incident is just too much. The person behind this dumb yet hilarious idea should be fired.

West Jakarta Police in Indonesia accidentally got people insanely high while attempting to burn three tons of brick weed. Not only did they burn cannabis, but the fire also included 2538 ecstasy pills and 2 pounds of crystal meth to destroy illegal imports.

The Unfortunate Decision to Burn Illegal Drugs

Reports state that the police officers anticipated potent fumes from burning drugs and wore gas masks in preparation. However, they seemingly forgot to inform locals in the surrounding area, resulting in some people complaining of dizziness, headaches, and feeling completely high.

An Unplanned Psychedelic Experience for the Masses

Sorry, but WHAT? Who thought this was a good idea? Everyone got a taste of being incredibly high without even knowing what was happening. Imagine those poor people! Every conversation probably went like this.

“Do you catch that scent?”

“Yeah, smells a little funky. Is there a skunk around?”

“Absolutely, we need to call pest control for this.”

“Yo, feeling hungry? Let’s try out that new ramen spot.”

“Oh yeah, ramen with dumplings sounds perfect!”

“Mmm… dumplings do hit the spot.”

“With a generous drizzle of Sriracha sauce.”

“Then later we can go buy some Doritos, because of Doritos with dumplings. FIRE!”

“Wait, I think I need a nap. Can we sleep first?”

“Yeah, naps are good. I’m gonna go lie down”

“Let’s just order a pizza.”

“Pineapple and sausage please.”

Yeah, that’s exactly what happened.

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