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Police Can See Cannabis Growing In Your Home Thanks To Drones

Police can now see cannabis growing in people’s homes thanks to drones.

The winter weather means thermal images are easier to see from above, and police are already using drones to track down cannabis farms.

Drone pictures from an operation earlier this year clearly show the center bungalow.

Center Bungalow Drone Pic Cannabis Grow

The potential to produce more than £50,000 worth cannabis was discovered at the growing operation

Inspector Ed Delderfield, Lincolnshire Police, said:

“We had received information that this man was potentially growing cannabis and we knew that he had done so before. Where this man lived was surrounded by trees and bushes, so it was actually like a compound. Our intelligence officers spoke with our drone operators and asked if our drone’s thermal imaging could help – we agreed this could work and started our operation at 2am one morning.

We turned up and flew the drone 400ft across an open field, before hovering 50m from the property. The heat source was obvious and we scrolled through our different filters to highlight the ‘heat’ in a number of different spectrums.

The filming from the drone took one minute and 20 seconds, and it was only in the air for five minutes from start to finish. From here we passed the footage on to the investigating team who used this to get a court warrant for the first time in Lincolnshire.

It was great to be able to show this evidence in court as it provides a visual that couldn’t really have been done in any other way.

We have 10 drone operators within Lincolnshire Police and we are all ecstatic with this result and it is a vindication of the support we have had from our Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable to get this successful prosecution.”

9 responses to “Police Can See Cannabis Growing In Your Home Thanks To Drones”

  1. Dick Head says:

    Who CARES fr its weed go after the hard hitters like crack heads coke addicts heroin dealers leave the damn pot heads alone real shit

  2. Budz Mckenzie says:

    We can see buds from 500 yards

  3. Come in go after real criminals think rape robbery murder asault leave them gardeners alone take an person of evil though to want to lock a person up over plants

  4. Kyra says:

    O good now maybe they can catch meth labs before they blow up whole blocks in neighborhoods or are we only worried about some weed? I’m trying to remember which drugs are the really bad ones.

  5. David B O'Callaghan says:

    Time to line the house with aluminum foil.

  6. Ellen says:

    Stop wasting our hard earned tax money to satisfy the pharmaceutical and alcohol companies who will both lose money when it is legalized across the entire country. We will be able to use all natural treatments that do not kill us like so many of the drugs our doctors supply us with to enrich the pharmaceutical companies. It is also known that people drink less when using marijuana.

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