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Rotini Tech: How To Use Pasta As A Joint Filter (Crutch)

Tired of using ordinary cardboard joint filters? Feel a little guilty about all the trees you could be wasting? Or maybe, you just want to try something different when enjoying your cannabis. There’s good news, as pasta is a cool alternative.

Would you ever consider smoking a piece of pasta? It may sound crazy, but when someone on Reddit ran out of filters, he had to improvise with what he had. The result was pretty tubular (pun fully intended).

Everyone has different joint-rolling styles. Some people prefer a spiral shape, while others like something more rounded and robust.

Rolling a joint with a piece of macaroni may sound strange, but it’s easier than you think. Always use a dry, uncooked piece of pasta for your filter. We recommend a thin piece of fusilli or spiral macaroni.

If it isn’t the right length or isn’t straight enough, you can break off little pieces until you get it exact. It will, of course, always depend on the size of your joint. Remember that practice makes perfect! The more joints you roll, the better you will be.

How To Roll A Joint With A Pasta Filter

Pasta Weed Joint Filter

1. First, you’ll need to choose your rolling paper. (Check out this article for the best brands available). The thinner the paper, the better. Thinner papers have less harmful chemicals for your lungs. You can also try Hemp and Rice paper for a more natural weed experience.

2. Use your grinder to break down the nuggets as much as you can. Make sure they are as evenly ground as possible.

3. Place the spiral macaroni at the end of the crease of your piece of rolling paper. This will be your filter.

4. Sprinkle your ground-up cannabis along the crease. Make sure it is as evenly spread out as possible.

5. To roll the joint, place your thumbs on both ends and use them to roll up and down until your cannabis is in the shape of a cylinder. Roll the non-sticky sides of the paper around the weed until it’s as close to the paper as possible. Make sure your joint is as tightly rolled as possible to prevent burning.

6. Lick the sticky adhesive part of the paper at the top of the roll. Roll your joint tightly shut, pressing your finger along the adhesive to make sure it sticks. Twist the end of the paper, so weed doesn’t spill out.

7. If you need to, use the tip of straw or pen pack the end in a bit tighter. When your joint is ready, make sure to burn off the extra paper at the ends with your lighter. You don’t want to be inhaling it.

Then again, using a macaroni noodle as a filter probably isn’t the best idea. It will probably work just fine, but it may make your taste funny. When you end up getting the munchies, you’ll probably find yourself snacking on spaghetti.

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